This is what I know form my own personal experience. There are beings attacking me that many people would describe as demons and indeed they are but people do not know the full extent of what is exactly happening. Technology is being used for one thing. A typical scenario goes as such. I fall asleep, then after I am asleep these beings who take the form of human totally immobilize my mind by using a mind control device of which I have seen several. One such device resembles a small black box with a button on top. Not only can this device completely immobilize the intended victim but it can also render the victim in a completely submissive, passive and obedient state. The individual in such a state will not have any consciousness whatsoever but will resemble an automaton who is obedient to its Master's orders. Another such device resembles a small flashlight but it is placed to the side of a a sleeping individuals head which produces a discharge from the device into the head and renders an individual completely unconscious and unable to wake from the sleeping state no matter what is done to him. Another such device resembles a 5 in mobile phone and it basically has the same function and abilities as the previous devices discussed above. Although, this device has a function to reveal possible timelines and can scan the energy composition of the victim. Once the individual is completely under control he can be pulled out of his body ( astrally abducted). The Astral Body can be taken to other dimensions and be fed on, raped, tortured, mutilated and also be the receptacle of other forms of inflicted trauma. All of this occurs while the target is under complete mind control and there will be no memory of what was done to him. The individual while under such mind control can be given illusions which are designed to have a negative psychological impact. On awakening the target will believe that it was some form of disturbing dream. Dreams do not always originate from within a dreaming individual. These parasites can form a psychic link with a sleeping individual and literally infuse dreams of whatever nature the parasite deems appropriate. How do I know all of this to be true? While in the early stages of attack many years ago I had the ability to watch these beings materialized in my bedroom and use the devices I've described. And on a few occasions I was able to gain consciousness while the parasites in human form were escorting my astral body out of my bedroom. During one such abduction with two of them one on each side of me taking me outside. On another occasion I remember one of them one putting its hand on my shoulder and feeling a very strong energy tingling combined with a vibration and dematerializing and taken somewhere of which I have no memory and also no memory of what was done to me. This is just my opinion, but I strongly believe what I have just described negates everything we have been taught about the concept of free will. The existence of this technology and it's criminal use has convinced me of this. I believe humanity lives in a parasitic control system. I also believe there is such a thing as soul recycling in which the soul is sent back to incarnate so to perpetuate this insidious cycle. How long has humanity existed on this planet? When did all the belief systems that humanity strongly puts his faith in existed? These can only be measured in thousands of years. The geological evidence has proved that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. In that time there has been at least five major Extinction level events that decimated the existing life on this planet. It has been estimated that approximately 98% of all life that ever existed on this planet is now extinct. These are questions that no one seems to be willing to ask. I have come to the conclusion that we exist in a parasitic control system, a prison with the sole intent on keeping us prisoner here so that we can be fed on and held in captivity without us ever questioning why because of the mind control, belief systems and the wiping of our memory each time we are recycled. The technology exists and I have seen it and I have been on the very painful end of it. I have also seen what is done to the people or abducted like me and how many of them end up. One last thing. Many of these beings are living among you in human form and perhaps you pass them on the street every day. They have also created a hybrid race that exists among us and serve a very malevolent purpose.