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Thread: Flat Earth Vs Globe in the astral

  1. Flat Earth Vs Globe in the astral

    Disclaimer: I'm not a Flat Earther, but I have to admit some of their points are quite... compelling when you dive down the rabbit hole, and many seem like pure hogwash.

    Having said that and just for fun, has Robert Bruce or anyone else from that matter been able to project themselves up high enough to see the Earth in the Real Time Zone in its full form? This matter of the shape of the Earth could be put to rest once and for all if we could get some footage from Nasa of something launching a camera attached to a rocket into space and high enough up to see the Earth turn into it's spherical form, but for some reason (and a point toward Flat Earthers), most of what we get are Schrodinger's photographs of the planet, and never the transition from the ground to space. The most compelling footage is the live video feeds of the copula from the space station, but even that exists in ambiguity because our CGI *would* be good enough to fake it now.

    NASA could destroy the entire Flat Earth Society if they would just launch something from the ground with a camera all the way into space. They've never done this. Not once.

    Entertain someone on the fence for a moment and let me know what you have observed in the astral Real Time Zone?

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    Re: Flat Earth Vs Globe in the astral

    Personally I have observed but two glimpses at the astral definition of space.

    1. australia, america, england and china have a quadropoly on time (this was on a website called
    2. tree movements indicate a hesistation in the logos (this was a realisation of tao)

    I do not think there is realisation of all lands without an affirmation such as "we are the people" - keep a cat and keep that secret.

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