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Thread: Dreams

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    I have learned the truth about manifesting "things" - heart based creation, by some paraxodical force within - it can be said about the HEART that it puts WHAT YOU WANT there. Hey?

    Now I am curious on the method(s) to manifest works, dreams, beings, and co-creating.

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    Re: Dreams

    Here is what I have discovered thus far:

    heart - myths and realities (the experiences that matter)
    throat - religion and spirituality (ways and means that meet ends)
    third eye - legends and lore (my works of faith)
    crown - god and goddess (all of the wondrous beings)

    Elsewhere on ASTRAL DYNAMICS I have described a method to co-create with demons - the angels should be an easy compare.

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    Re: Dreams

    To find it such as complete, you have been to affirm these lessons:

    base - strength and beauty (the all-knowing name of love)
    sacral - pleasure and satisfaction (evolution and the way things are)
    solar plexus - work and play (humanity and the conscience)

    Are we there yet?...

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    Re: Dreams

    The chakras can be restored to Silence:

    1. base chakra: not to work - think of more
    2. sacral chakra: not to bother - do the one thing that matters
    3. solar plexus chakra: not to try - see what it all takes
    4. heart chakra: not to dream - energise the one
    5. throat chakra: not to work - play the big game
    6. third eye chakra not to believe - to know everything
    7. crown chakra: not to suffer - be yourself indeed


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    Re: Dreams

    You have some time for silence.

    Whatever your WANT is (I want to be a) or (I want the) write it down and sign it and the rest of chakra practices available should enliven them to as guided a path as you trust. Chakras are creative and especially prone to light; the result.

    P.S. Co-creating with a demon is tantamount to holy war, in life, which always results in entertainment.

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    Re: Dreams

    Grounding Theory

    base chakra - policy: yoga and pilates
    sacral chakra - principle: crystals and lightwork
    solar plexus chakra - esteem: reiki and breathwork
    heart chakra - forces: healing and astral travelling
    throat chakra - wonder: inner work and spiritual practice
    third eye chakra - will: visualisation and grounding
    crown chakra - ideas: realisation and study

    No amount of meditation and prayer will take you through to the very existence you deserve. When you interact on a spiritual level the memories are stored within and must be integrated as wisely as possible. What you must crystallise is the permanent understanding that what you do is what want to do. The culmination of this is called "the way" and it is ready for true religion.

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    Re: Dreams

    What is the different the self and humankind?
    Soul star.

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    Re: Dreams

    I dream of genius, or genes.

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    Re: Dreams

    This Could Take A While (Action)

    Dreaming in the astral is work with God. Whereas astral experience by other connotations imply conscious effort (grounding at least) the ultimate journey is within the realm it chose. This quest is apt to love. Love is space oriented in such an extreme way that the quest could not happen otherwise - and nor could those God-awful astral critters by the time when.

    You Never Know (Response)

    When your dreams are fulfilled, or when they are not, the point is to learn from it, so in ultimate ways every point you make to love is appearing in your sleep and therefore your waking life - if you are privvy to your soul order.

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    Re: Dreams

    I thought I would supplant this and put a theory on more...

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    I dream of genius, or genes.

    The four sins that must be holy:
    1. pride - to make DNA honest
    2. greed - to make DNA righteous
    3. coveting - to make DNA sane
    4. avarice - to make DNA human

    Constraversely, the "swastika of damnation" works with virtues:
    1. honesty - to make human life work
    2. patience - to make human life play
    3. innocence - to make human life live
    4. strength - to make human life serve

    As you can tell, if you do not have a bodymind enabled to trust itself and not the rest you probably have a situation called death. Spirituality is always on about the way to be nice in the face of death. Death is a gamble, while sin/virtue is a paradigm that has simply had enough of that. Making "Heaven" or "Utopia" the theory that love is wise already.

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