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    I have noticed that this forum has a bent that is the right-handed path (of yoga) - it has mental discipline and right conduct proper.

    I with to illustrate the left-handed precepts, tolerance and virtue (not might or worth). Examples are transcendental meditation and lightwork. To really illumine the theory on your life, your path, your destiny, your choices, there is one key this to remember and it in both right and left hand paths. The source of God lies within you. How is the proper mastery of love left-handed? Please meditate on this:

    1. always allow others to think what they want
    2. generate with all sincerity the reality that gives
    3. all forces pending there is no right hand to death

    So, the advantage of the left hand path is its near-obsession with death (not glory) which supposes fun (not work). When a spirituality is fun it believes in itself firmly. And when the spiritual work is good, this will happen once, too. Something that I realised about people a long time ago is they have absolutely no problems believing in innocent FAITH, just in believing in innocent STUPID. The difference I have attempted to define in this item. Choosing left or right hand paths limit the spectrum (stupid's is pretty broad). There are other ways, such as divination and indeed conversation to determine the course of matters: favourite numbers even. Seances that are simply allowing don't allow God. To put a focus on things and limit your spiritual reckoning to that is indeed wisest. This theory is called austerity, not merely superstition. olyris

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    Re: Right/left-handed

    Generally applicable: The difference between a sound mind and a worried mind is circumspect - the work done on one's own.

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    Re: Right/left-handed

    The difference between a sword (will) and a mallet (boredom). Respect!

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    The "right to evil" is a theory conjured by the theory on philosophy, that people get angry. So if somebody wants to get angry at God instead, they might as well, and call themselves fair they might. Much to the chagrin of contentment, this usually will not work. Why? Because you do in fact have a "right to good" - and so do them.

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    Re: Right/left-handed

    Summerland has opened its gates to me now and so I must be on my way - this place always entices me to believe in something very well more. Cheers to RB and the rest for staging this theory; good theories live.

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