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Thread: olyris' corner

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    Q: What does kundalini do when it thinks?
    A: It stops thinking and chooses to believe.

    Q: What is so darn righteous about patience?
    A: Kundalini wants to be more normal than normal.

    Q: What is watery kundalini getting away with?
    A: Fiery kundalini doesn't trust the people.


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    Re: olyris' corner


    Psychic: What is life?
    Mystic: It's a mystery.
    Psychic: Deal!
    Mystic: Huh?
    Psychic: Oh, I was just thinking about my online banking.
    Mystic: Fair enough.
    Psychic: Deal!
    Mystic: What the?
    Psychic: Oh, I was just thinking/talking to the police on my headgear.
    Mystic: Hmm...
    Psychic: No deal!
    Mystic: That is what I like to hear.

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    All My People (Right Here, Right Now).

    LEAD INTO...

    There was a man who knew the truth about energy. He was always on time, so, when he had his cup of tea in the morning, he did realise an "Aha!" moment. Soforth when he ate his lunch he tended to think of everybody who he knew as famous, and nicely. Perfect. Then at night time, he would oftentimes dose up on ecstasy. True to the moment, this man could literally fly around the room being his name.

    The lesson: Always do what the moment says and not the species, for that's how you prove yourself one of the people.
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    Forces at work...

    Personal Hat-Trick

    - If you want everything except money, you have gold!
    - If you want everything except gold, you have money!
    - If you want everything except gold and money...

    ... the spirit is great in YOU!

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    The Fool

    Two cases:
    - "cheek" has proven "self is good"
    - "cheek" has proven "self is funny"

    Aside from the matter of cheek, which is to ever attempt or intend real life in the first place, revenge is the silent reckoning, until the end, that both the above affirmed are TRUE. It applies to the living...


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    Whether it be the stop-word to faith, or just to call a spade a spade, these "words" (is that a scientific enough sort of explanation?) need their veracity, or whatever - we need our DNA! Not the nincompoop's (identity vandalism is a heresy)...

    1. faggot: does not take sex seriously
    2. poofter: does not take magic seriously
    3. queer: does not take humanity seriously
    4. camp: does not take god seriously

    Is this stuff in your life or you? Take the matter seriously!

    Last edited by olyris; 22nd January 2024 at 11:07 PM. Reason: i mean stop-word to own faith, btw - silence is a better mind already! yes, it's a tricky one

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    IF you live
    THEN you learn
    SO you abide


    a) life is the real thing that we do
    b) if you have a problem you cause a solution, because
    c) mastery is the matter of judgement "no other way"


    First cause is I want sex and not death, evolution. Second thus is the divine is the choice in me due to the first. And final (result) is that the main thing that we do is of course talk and make do with the product.

    Ways (in order hence):

    - talk about it
    - know it
    - do what you have to
    - what you want; whatever

    Forgiveness: You have to blame yourself for knowing God UNLESS of course you have a way to prove that (1) anger is or (2) love is God instead of the chosen father figure.

    Lightwork: Imagine the positive and you shall receive the universe itself no more than thrice.

    "It may take a sense of humour to overcome our adversity."

    Ego: I am


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    Lightbody revisited.

    The lightbody recognises insight and stores it in "heaven." It includes:

    a) 7/12 chakras and halo is the difference
    b) merkaba kit including stellar tetrahedron and flower of life science
    c) etheric/ba/ka bodies of face value
    d) the higher self along with any number of astral shares

    (Justice is in promises not threats).


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    The Spritual Crisis of Tomorrow

    Why policing the intellect is always homosexual:

    a) no more fun
    b) no more attitude
    c) no more objectivity
    d) no more trust in others
    e) no more natural conscience's

    What can be done? Look after your ego, it is your winner. Lose what doesn't think it is proven, and indeed gain what is for the best. The right is not the wrong...

    You can be happy, but if takes your personality to stand for justice, you are not a judge... {as larry}
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    Re: The Spritual Crisis of Tomorrow

    impervious, [adj]:
    1. lacking the quality of trust
    2. to describe an attempt at danger

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