I have often wondered why self defense experts that learned it naturally tend to be proud or boast, but the truth is they might have done something with the Goddess and she is not about to change her mind about a happy outcome. In physical self this experience has happened tragically but triumphantly, to me. A camel through the eye of a needle. The starkest expression of what practical psychic self defense is to me is, that the practice of say, tai chi, under water is the psychic composite. My mother has a pool at her house, and it's an honest one. So is my self experience of psychic bother, to yet. Certain advice can be given to fools who know to fight, such as "you know to lose first, or at least instead," also "don't forget about dying in ..." and I can only say, when the day did come that I had no God other than a lying scoundrel called "Naze," well he is no longer angry and I am no longer bring down his, near to extinct, felonies... they are for him to learn from. olyris