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Thread: olyris' corner

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    Lightbulb BOOK SALE

    Dreaming is an original reality.

    DREAM BOOK: The snake can basically eat its tail here and say this (ego) leads to that (magic) leads to this (exorcism) leads to that (religion) until proper.

    Book I - Exorcism: arrogance, purpose, judgement, authority, mastery
    --> this generates the notion of attention and regret (sympathy)
    Book II - Religion: wisdom, knowledge, magic, ego, grace
    --> that generates the notion of authority and shame (exorcism)

    When we dream, we can be turning from doing it during the night, to doing it during the day also. These books should open your mind. For instance, did you know that if you dream well during the day your night habit becomes silent and supreme? The books are about self-mastery and are influenced from everywhere.

    Click here
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    Mirror Mirror

    This is what I found on the other side of the mirror, a realisation of the silver lining theory.


    - worry is a great service
    - dread is a great promise
    - horror is a great will
    - sacrifice is a great work
    - harm is a great honour


    harm: the golden rule
    abuse: the eternal law
    crime: a higher purpose
    death: peace on earth
    horror: good self esteem


    + abuse is a real lover in your life
    + violence is a real goddess belief in you
    + trial and tribulation is a celebration of the truth

    Forgiveness is a theory that is beyond darkness - so they say.


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    - the key to goodness is belief: ego can override negativity thus making it sweet
    - the key to money is power: might can overtake gratitude thus making it wealthy
    - the key to fortune is gratitude: pleasure can survive harm thus making it holy

    I only tell you this because the universe is inherently self-balancing. o

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    Re: olyris' corner

    Bravery and Cowardice.

    Bravery is the theory that you do what you love.
    Cowardice is the theory that you prevent other people from doing what they love.
    Bravery is applicable in theory when you want sex, at all.
    Cowardice is applicable in theory when somebody or everyone has been breaching boundaries - because you don't invite them to join in on that, do you?

    I'll look for a silver lining here: There'll come a time when the world realises that bravery is perfectly tolerant, and that un-loving people do not have a chance in hell... Truth be told.

    Any questions?

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    The Law of Soul

    More on the Law of Soul:

    1. Allowance is not the prospect of negativity: thus is positive
    - is in
    - is not out
    2. Balance is not the chance of negativity: thus is advanced
    - is with
    - is not without
    3. Attraction is not the promise of negativity: thus is final
    - is for
    - is not against
    4. Intent is not the warrant of negativity: thus is total
    - is mote
    - is not nothing

    No suggestion or proposition of negativity can be found in spirituality itself, hence the theory that you get a taste of the real world is fact. Do what you might, unto your reality... and that's happily.
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    Re: olyris' corner

    The Parable of the Sower! Be patient...

    In some funny old way the spirits don't always communicate the holy truth alone so when you tell them things, they basically have to leave those seeds to scatter on the path instead of the garden beds next to said path. Regardless, the path is not going to mind, and nor are you.

    When you believe that the Earth is a sane place for the truth to take place you accept about two certain things: a) life is good, and b) peace is worthy. The key to any great hiatus that does never accept the afore is that it will be destroyed by the Nation of Islam, in the judgement, beyond the judgement.

    You understand - you are going to be judged by God twice, and I am.

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    Re: olyris' corner

    On to the definition of a lost soul: A lost soul is a soul that is forgiving eternity.

    What to do?
    1. God is eternal is sound
    2. Do whatever you like, as per usual
    3. The human has deemed itself unforgiven

    Be someone.


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    Re: Sexy

    If You're Not Forward You're Owed.

    1. When you choose destiny you get light and angels and not death
    2. When you realise death is a word to the un-converted you are able to say no
    3. When you say no as quietly as you can the word for "progress" is "money," and not trouble.

    And so, when you are now forward in your astral travelling's, you literally have money coming in for the thought of you taking the one step farther that is faith - in God.

    {Start to philosophise...}
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    Re: Sexy

    [delete me]
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    What have I done channeling.

    - Everything that you feel is a good thing to do indeed is a good thing to do.

    AA Michael:
    - Confidence is detached through its infinite understanding of self.

    - Happiness is complete by virtue of its permanent presentation to the Earth.

    - Think for yourself and you are totally authoritarian in your very own way.

    - Trust in what you always do for you are bound to end up alone to deserve something such as peace.

    PS: This stuff is in you...

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