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    - life and energy, enthusiasm you might say --> joy
    - death and energy, morbid you might allow --> horror

    These two constitute dreaming. Confused dreams are tests!
    - ego and energy, glory you might suppose --> intelligence

    And this is what we do, whether in bed at night or organising ourselves each day. A recommendation is set borders here, for example "I am not thinking about sleep after I awaken," or "this moment is good, that moment is not here." It is in ourselves to be happy...

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    Re: Mirror Mirror

    Somewhere else I posted (because the search doesn't work) that: "Homosexuality is the punishment for harming your friends, and queer are those who punish authority," and now it is time to elaborate. When you insist that the evolution is in your hands and someone who is familiar to you has failed that call, to evolution - this happens a lot at high school - basically the truth is that you either :a) trust them and show compassion B-) kill them and tell them that they were almost wise.

    The case of "BOTH," at once, is the case of "I am just a lonely master and that is my prowess, my power to serve." You're alone, man, the Antichrist is alone and presumes fun not destiny. It's a hell, man, to call yourself the only lonely - unless! You accept Heaven, which, by the way, accepts all living things... - this I have been to tell you in person.

    - Why is sexuality the case with the fame/iliar? Because love is the law and not to be judged. Instead...
    - Who judges what is close to them? A/the mongrel.
    - Why does sexuality change just because you seek to change somebody? To be continued...

    Apparently, J. Krishnamurti and others have told you their ideas on homosexuality on YouTube, for indeed it is the spiritual crises of tomorrow yet! - olyris
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    Re: all

    Does that say, "Those who try to change people are homosexuals?"
    Yes, it does.

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    Astral Story

    Astral Story: Oscillation

    At one stage or another, and I have learned from this that the astral is significant, not merely curious, I used an astral mirror in front of myself while attempting modelling achievement. Yes, I know, it's called vanity. Now, I am inspired to share with you some healthy understandings regarding the spiritual golden rule, which RB knows.

    righteous <-- self --> clean

    Spirituality is not a one way street anymore, although to my recollection it was. The science has been discovered that the practice you do moves you RIGHT on the pendulum, from righteous to clean, and it falls back as naturally as you are.

    My suggestion, and it refers to my mirror act, is that you aim for self because you cannot just be a saint (right) or a master (left) if you do love people. Vanity has no other thing of its own to do! What drives the pendulum back from right to LEFT? Eating: Experiencing anything that is not yours spiritually and consuming that thing. So I always will experience my model citizen as a (self) now that I have practiced every type of ritual and eaten every type of food, since the mirror became aware of me.

    This does apply to the astral journey you are on to! And may we say, balance is a good thing, in this universe...

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    A Big Difference

    What is the difference between the power of an illusion, and good grace?

    - illusions suppose love and no more
    - the best illusion is freedom being wiser
    - an illusion is made by virtue of being selfless

    Good Grace:
    - grace itself is the thinking that we suck
    - in selfish ways one is always promising the rest
    - all by itself grace is without power but has god really

    Selfish in God / or Selfless in the human knowing. You could say that the choice to serve is infinite, and only when you cannot serve humanity, might you serve God. So it is one, then the other...


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    The Way to Go

    The Way to Go

    Beauty (its thinking) is the theory that heaven is set while, glory (its feeling) is the feeling that hell is gone. Great beauty/glory has the right to be ugly and this is called supreme power, and resides on the earth as about the earth (its action). So, what is the one true thoughtform of a perfect person? "I will and I can... {insert destiny here}."

  7. Re: The Way to Go

    Hii on the 21st I had send you this message through Pm.

    "Hi there Olyris,

    I saw your old comment in a post about Kundalini, you said that you underwent shaktipat. Could you explain the following comment that you made?

    "yes u r right, shaktipat and it is awakened, not raised as u say."

    After you underwent shaktipat, what exactly happened in practical sense?

    Could you afterwards raise it effortlessly? And if so how long did it take you to do so? What type of techniques or methods did you do?"

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    Re: Sexy


    who is who: i am a...
    what is what: i did this...
    where is where: some might say...
    when is when: it always works when...
    why is why: absolutely everything is allowed...

    For me, this is about Jesus and Hitler is on the page precisely to what and why. Those interested in forgetting about religion/history for a while might find this particularly amusing. It literally allows no other definition of the truth other than fairness. Maybe someday...

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    Re: Sexy

    joke: medusa and druid

    medusa: i am not a real gorgon, they all call me the loner
    druid: i am not a real druid, because i do it all on my own
    medusa: so do i, what is to be done?
    druid: quick, let us not be real at all, before the police get here !


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    Re: Channel.

    Clouds With Silver Linings

    - Scared and you learn how to want (physical level)
    - Frightened and you learn how to trust (emotional level)
    - Terrorised and you learn how to deserve (mental level)
    - Worried and you learn how to think (spiritual level)

    Long term is just that...

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