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Thread: olyris' corner

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    Book is finally ready, and so is the human being. Reading below, take every word in order, just as though the Bible told you. And you too, will be a beautiful (Christian) exorcist.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Dreaming is an original reality.

    DREAM BOOK: The snake can basically eat its tail here and say this (ego) leads to that (magic) leads to this (exorcism) leads to that (religion) until proper.

    Book I - Exorcism: arrogance, purpose, judgement, authority, mastery
    --> this generates the notion of attention and regret (sympathy)
    Book II - Religion: wisdom, knowledge, magic, ego, grace
    --> that generates the notion of authority and shame (exorcism)

    When we dream, we can be turning from doing it during the night, to doing it during the day also. These books should open your mind. For instance, did you know that if you dream well during the day your night habit becomes silent and supreme? The books are about self-mastery and are influenced from everywhere.

    Click here

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    Re: olyris

    The "little mistakes of fortune" are lucky self-reminders that people with lives happen to be loving always and unconditionally of the rest. It is not to dread, it is to suffice, and soundly enough.

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    Re: olyris' corner

    Secret theories turn into baloney or heaven: Here's the thing -

    - love has friends
    - pain has enemies
    - form has both!!!

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    Re: olyris' corner

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Secret theories turn into baloney or heaven: Here's the thing -

    - love has friends
    - pain has enemies
    - form has both!!!
    Only alien nation might have neither... this is all owed.
    Secretly the truth about the tryst with each and every alien star has it working...
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    Re: A Big Difference


    - gamesmanship: i win
    - showmanship: you lose
    - workmanship: we draw
    - sportsmanship: they might

    So there you go fellows, you've got a show of anything such as insight, you've got game theory, not merely "the best name." Winning is for sociable ego's...

    ... stupidity is for [delete the animals, the fallen angels].

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    "I am a teacher." - me

    Originally Posted by olyris
    The Parable of the Sower! Be patient...

    In some funny old way the spirits don't always communicate the holy truth alone so when you tell them things, they basically have to leave those seeds to scatter on the path instead of the garden beds next to said path. Regardless, the path is not going to mind, and nor are you.

    When you believe that the Earth is a sane place for the truth to take place you accept about two certain things: a) life is good, and b) peace is worthy. The key to any great hiatus that does never accept the afore is that it will be destroyed by the Nation of Islam, in the judgement, beyond the judgement.

    You understand - you are going to be judged by God twice, and I am.
    Quote Originally Posted by olyris
    The myth of Jesus splits this in to three. You don't have to. Because, you know...

    1. truth in one = god = goodwill
    2. truth in two = goddess = courage
    3. truth in three = christ = passion

    To each, their own...
    I am a teacher.

    Now, I am going to take this parable one step further and ask: How does it end? A parable turns into religion, so:
    1. law of one: god = goodwill = patience! when done.
    2. law of two: goddess = courage = the truth! when done.
    3. law of three: christ = passion = all of trust! when done.

    "The witness" has survived by these, and the religious or indeed scientific affirmation of the fact is that one has the self satisfied with the whole story of the past. It is jolly good to explore this parable with your neg's and angel's and come at some semblance of the very real fact that life is good, all in all, all things considered and done. I have taught a lesson in truth - the truth is beyond evil.

    {For that, the laws of one, two and three are applicable to any sort of spirituality and any kind of religion. One is basically that freedom is selfish, two that innocence is wise, and three is that silence is golden. So, if you find yourself scattering seeds into the garden's or onto that path, or really anywhere really, know that it does not divide into four, you are working within a theoretical bounds which makes for only goodness. Of course, there are people, supposedly, who choose liberally to scatter seeds of doom - they tend to just sit in them. Lol.}
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    Re: olyris' corner

    Givin' peace a chance - get through this...

    - cancer: the fate is/was never to respect the humanity
    - pedophilia: the fate has never been or will be honest
    - homophobia: the fate is never to have been patient

    You and I, couldn't all be the impatient sinner with no firm chance of being a master of love nor life. o
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    Lost Keys

    Keys: The way that you speak is the way that you do, in fact, win.

    a is for apple: arrogance is nice
    b is for banana: peace is cute
    c is for cucumber: work is nothing
    d is for danger: force is real
    e is for empty: silence is honest
    f is for fire: tragedy is fun
    g is for god: good is wise
    h is for harm: war is sound
    i is for intellect: trust is good
    j is for john: safety is best
    k is for kundalini: lover is fighter
    l is for lust: winning is right
    m is for moo: satisfaction is righteous
    n is for numbers: wishes are best
    o is for hole: reality is alone
    p is for poo: normal is whatever
    q is for queer: honour is forgiving
    r is for art: justice is enlightened
    s is for sex: sound is great
    t is for light: truth is now
    u is for understanding: proof is wild
    v is for vagina: best is great
    w is for woman: care is normal
    x is for children: talent is free
    y is for men: wisdom is learning
    z is for good: cool is law

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    Re: Lost Keys

    Kundalini Shaktipat:

    - needs: life, liberty and property
    - wants: sex, drugs and music
    - deserves: time alone, money and enough humanity, already


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    Re: olyris' corner

    Type of Sage

    - sex slave
    - spell sage
    - wizard (both)
    - druid (either)
    - necromancer (each)
    - conjuror (neither for once)
    - teacher (never ever been)

    Magic has a way to be in touch with the music as well as the sex life, frankly. Teaching is for innocent people.
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