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Thread: psychic shielding. Kundalini burnt all my shielding.

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    psychic shielding. Kundalini burnt all my shielding.

    Hi Bruce

    So my kundalini has burnt through all my shielding I cannot seem to keep other peoples energy away from me and I suck all theirs up. I had a kundalini activation but not a fell rising yet. Does anything happen once it reaches the crown? Do you gain shielding or anything back? Thankyou

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    Re: psychic shielding. Kundalini burnt all my shielding.

    No, your natural shielding will not return if you raise will get worse.

    I recommend you read my book, The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook. This will educate you on what is happening and give you ways that will help.

    peace, robert

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