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Thread: Why energy body loosening-techniques?

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    Why energy body loosening-techniques?


    I struggle with that step of the OBE-sequence in Astral Dynamics.
    It feels overly technical, so to speak.
    You lay there in a good trance, and then shall begin with loosening techniques, just to prepare further exit techniques.

    I realized that it disturbes my mindset, as I always look for signs when to switch to the next step / technique.

    So, here? s my question:
    Can I just skip those loosening techniques and just focus on the trance, until I feel it? s time for an exit technique?

    Example: to get into trance, and deepen it more and more, I focus on my breath and also visualize a falling scenario.
    Talking of that visualization, with that I already create the illusion (for my mind) to be outside of my body, to walk somewhere else downstairs.
    Isn?t that already an external (loosening) practice, done at the same time while feeling the trance?

    Therefore, I could simply enjoy the trance and hopefully reach the vibrational state sometime.
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    Re: Why energy body loosening-techniques?

    Energy body loosening is optional, for when you have done all your exercises and are in trance but seem to wait a long time before having exit sensations. Then you launch into energy body loosening to see if you're really in a deep enough trance or not.
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    Re: Why energy body loosening-techniques?

    Oh, alright, this one is new for me, and makes perfectly sense.
    Thank you!

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