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Thread: Do a human being really controls his or her body?

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    Do a human being really controls his or her body?

    There are many excercises practiced in the Eastern cultures, particularly in India, where people try to learn how to control parts of the physical body which normally are beyond our control.

    Typical saying in the western world is:

    a) either it is impossible, i.e. they simply deny it, and believe that this is a blind mechanism behind the body which controls it automatically, without our's ability to do so
    b) or it is possible by use of the subcounscious mind, as this is the subconscious mind which is responsbile for all functions that regulate the body "somehow"

    According to my knowledge, it is possible, i.e. we as energetic beings can control different parts of the body, which normally are beyond our control - or, it can be attempted to be controlled by another being (which is called possesion), through a strong enough alien energy field.

    But if so, what/who is behind the intelligent system of so many parts of the body which we do not control (but possibly can do that)? There are trillions of cells in the body, and many organs - how and by what/whom are they controlled in the physical body of a human being? The ancient Chinese people stated that there are so-called "ghosts/spirits" (intelligent energies) in the organs which are responsible of not just controlling those, but also producing emotional energies related to them, and therefore also emotions which we feel also are controlled automatically.

    What do you think?

    How the energy body (which lives outside the body, but can incarnate) is related to really controlling the whole body, and how it is not? Or, asking a different question, are we really able to control your emotions - or we are not?

    Here is an interesting point by wstein:


    most scientists think the conscious mind IS the brain. The conscious assumes it is the person and thus asks all the wrong questions.

    This is most clearly seen on the experiments to test free will. There are brain signals that appear before the conscious mind is aware of there being a choice. Thus scientists assume there is no free will (as the outcome was determined before the conscious mind acted). If they realized the subconscious is part of the mind and self, they would not reach such a faulty conclusion.

    Be objective, research the reality and don't assume things just because of experts

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    Re: Do a human being really controls his or her body?

    I have a great deal of respect for the creators that precluded the matter of destroyers wrecking the world as per the Second Coming, or Armageddon, which we have not fallen upon. And, I have come to learn that human health is intimate in its interconnectivity to the souls of others, and attitude is a big key. Whether or not there are really "robot humans" being controlled by their superficial chakras and guiding death stars, the health of evolution is at the point now, when the body itself might become as happy as the mind you may know, is. Attitude being the key to mental health (thinking wrong of others is thinking wrong of yourself), I can assert that the key to physical health is attentiveness to the attitude changes of "other" - some new age believers believe that they are alone in life with this character they call other. When the other is perfect your health has lost, because other is a (projector). Meanwhile when the other is promising or threatening you, you may well be about to achieve immortality rote proof and smartly.

    What is the difference between a promise and a threat, to a sound protagonist? Nothing more than "I want mine, and frankly legally."
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    Re: Do a human being really controls his or her body?

    Many of you are probably familiar with one of the most acknowledged researchers of the after-life reality, Brian Weiss. In his book "Messages from the Masters" he stated the following:

    The consensus of evidence from my regression patients is that the soul appears to make a reservation for a particular physical body around the time of conception. No other soul can occupy that body.
    The occupying technically means to be connected through a number of energetic "components" such as the silver cord and chakras. Chakras are gates connecting the energetic presence - the conscious mind or soul or whatever equivalent term one wanted to use - with the physical organism. This way it is possible to experience the physical through the electric circuit.

    My experiences and knowledge says that it is possible to influence the physical organism by another being - other than the right owner who was born with that body. Posessions phenomena suggests that there is possible a simultanous influence or connection of more than one mind with a single body. One energy may of course occupy the same physical place, ghosts influence on people is well known, and in fact the possesion term itself is not well defined.

    What do you think? How about occupying one body by more than one being?

    Be objective, research the reality and don't assume things just because of experts

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    Re: Do a human being really controls his or her body?

    I'm not sure if more than one being- I'm going to posit that influencing another person may be done by suggestion, not necessarily occupation. But, I think that more than one aspect (as in soul family, or collective soul) can share a body, not by taking turns possessing it, but by growing a body attuned to all the aspects. Just my opinion, or rather, hypothesis.
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