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Thread: Spiritual Revelations in Higher Dimesions NEW BOOK!

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    Spiritual Revelations in Higher Dimesions NEW BOOK!

    There's a new book on Amazon "Astral projection and lucid dreaming - spiritual revelations and out of body experiences in higher dimensions" by Vincent Field. It's probably the most comprehensive book on the subject that I've ever read. The perfect combination of techniques, experiences and theory. It's full of techniques for getting lucid in dreams, going out of body and doing things in these states that I've never even heard of before. And some of the experiences shared in the book are insane. It's got me thinking about my practice in a whole new way. Def recommend this and would love to discuss it with anyone else who ends up reading it. The best part is that its not just the same old regurgitation that you read in every other book on the subject but it contains some truly innovative and mind-opening stuff! I highly recommend it. Here's one really cool experience from the book...

    "The next thing I knew, I was being launched from my body like a cannon ball! I was flying with a force unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was swept away by a feeling of divine love and joy more intense than anything I could have possibly imagined. This uncontrollably blissful energy permeated the very core of my being, and expanded outwards into infinity, comprising the entire universe around me. My consciousness was in an unprecedented heightened state in which I was consciously aware of my true eternal divine nature. I was in a state of remembrance of who I was as a spiritual being outside of the illusion of my physical life. I experienced my soul as an aspect of God, as I could unquestionably feel the divine energy of God within me and knew myself to be this energy. In this state of realization I also knew that the entire universe was of this same divine energy, and I experienced what it was like to be one with all of creation.

    The environment was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. It was a sea of multicolored energy unlike anything of comparison in the physical world. There were beautiful large blue bubbles of energy everywhere. There was a heavenly music more beautiful than words can express that permeated the entire dimension. As I passed through this field of bubbles, I became so ecstatic that I began doing back flips as an expression of my elation. The energy of infinite joy, unconditional love, and divine bliss that was within me was no longer bearable, and I burst open in a way that is almost impossible to describe. My feelings instantly manifested into words that were spelled out in large, three-dimensional letters that seemed to explode out from inside of me. My senses took on a multidimensional quality that allowed me to perceive the environment in a unique and extraordinary way. Not only could I see the colors, but I could also hear them. I didnÂ’t just hear the music, but I could actually see it. And most prevalent of all was my ability to feel the divinity within every sense perception. I undeniably knew that everything I was perceiving was a manifestation of God, and so was I."

    Here's a link to it, you can read some of it for free I believe...
    Escaping Velocity. Not just infinity, but eternity.

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    Re: Spiritual Revelations in Higher Dimesions NEW BOOK!

    Hi Outofbodydude, Thanks for the recommendation. Going to give it a try, just ordered it. Always good to learn of others experiences.
    For ever I'll remember.
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