Hello Robert,

Long time kundalini explorer here. To my knowledge it was first raised in 2015. Generally it?s been positive. Recently, however, things have turned a bit. I have noticed onset of symptoms resembling epilepsy coinciding with profound songwriting ability and charismatic performance ability. Several months ago, I went on bupropion in order to better meet the demands of my job, the admin tasks of which have always been difficult for me. It has been very helpful, but I do wonder if the kundalini is pushing back now.

I just don?t know what the answer is. The kundalini genius is amazing but doesn?t pay the bills - it actually makes that much harder. I?m so, so profoundly sensitive. I know there is profound opportunity here. My best hypothesis here is that I need to probably make a profound change to my diet, natural, raw, etc. This just feels, pervasive.

Do you think I?m on the mark here? I have myriad food allergies and my system is profoundly sensitive, limits me in many ways. I?m at my wits end.

Anyway, I hope you?re well, and thank you.