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Thread: Strange Pyrokinesis dream experiment

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    Strange Pyrokinesis dream experiment

    Me and other people are closed in a metal bunker with lots of desks and chairs, there was one big armored glass from which they were observing us. They handed over to us a sheets of paper and tell everyone to try and use pyrokinesis on the paper. Everyone starting to tryout, some of them succeed on their first try just using their mind, other succeeding by using their hands and some couldn't do it at all. First I tried only with my mind but nothing happens, then as taking hint by others I tried to use my hands, but instead of paper to burn away, she turn into dirt grey colors, I tried again and again with same result. A bell rings and the experiment is over, a scientist in protective clothing and mask came inside to check the results of everyone, he also came to me observing my paper, I told him I have no idea why the paper is turning like that, he send the paper for analysis, after a while two guards are coming in and take me away in a different room, on the speakers they are explaining to me that I have developed a curious ability, they said that I'm somehow changing the paper on subatomic level in different matter, in short I'm turning the paper into a bomb, what ever I touch, living or non living matter turns into a bomb, they are putting protective gloves on my hands and sending me to weapons research division, while disposing the paper in outer space, only then I notice that the bunker is actually in Space. A bell rings and I woke up.

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    Often my dreams have some kind of pun attached. All I can think of is the phrase "you're the bomb"

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