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Thread: Anyone got any Intel on the Body of Light method to Project?

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  1. Anyone got any Intel on the Body of Light method to Project?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone got any Intel on the Body of Light method to Project?
    Recently I came a cross it, in two videos, the persons spoke about breathing in white light. (visualizing the white light going in) one said that after a time a practitioner would feel energy. I can feel energy already and with controlled breaths I can accumulated energy in my body. I say this because it was instructed in the video that a person should visualize white light.
    Also I'm not yet very skilled in visualizing in detail. So it's way easier for me to just focus on taking controlled breaths.

    The guy said that the practitioner need to condense and solidify the energy and by doing that, he will able to move his energetic arm from his physical arm. The trouble that I'm facing is that I do not know if the energy is condensed fully or if it's condensing at all for that matter.
    After I have inhaled for six minutes or so, I can feel a increase in the energy sensation in my torso. (The measurement of the intensity of energy took place between the second minute and six minutes) Now I'm wondering if I need to feel this increased energy throughout my whole body? I have noticed that there is threshold that makes it, unable for me to accumulated. more energy, so it seems...

    It feels that the energy is stored at my Manipura/Solar Plexus chakra.

    Is anyone familiar with this technique and can what things I need to lookout for or what to fix?

    Plus does anyone any books that describes theses techniques more fully?
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