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Thread: Did someone tried a more natural approach to AP/OBE?

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    Did someone tried a more natural approach to AP/OBE?

    As the title say, did someone tried a more natural approach to AP? I'm experimenting with something that I discovered a two years ago on my own, doing it on and off when I'm in the mood for it and just wanted to share it. It is kind of a short and simple, in a way is skipping over the relaxation stage, the trance inducing stage and body loosening stage and can produce sudden exit symptoms( voices and sometimes even screams, stream of images, vibrations, shaking or body distortion) in several minutes or sometimes even seconds. I'm trying it when I'm more tired and sleepy, best at naps, the procedure is simple: Say to yourself that you are going for a projection and then lay down flat on your back with bended knees and one arm over your head on the pillow( the the other arm can be on your chest or on the side) and just try to fall asleep and that is it. The intention and the strange sleeping position gives you a tiny bit of continuous awareness while falling asleep.

    If you try this you can share your experience here, I will gladly read it. If someone have similar approach please share it with us.

    Experimenting with this approach begin with the following experience which I posted on a different forum:
    I just made a cool experiment, at my napping time. Instead of trying to WILD, I said to myself verbally in my head that I am going to observe myself falling asleep very slowly. I think lucid dreaming take place on the surface of Dreaming aka the Rem which translate to more awareness and control of what is happening in the dream, but in the deeper layers of sleep or the phase, control is harder to achieve, but everything is much more stable and detailed like in the real world. But WILDing and falling asleep are two different directions, when you try to WILD it is like you are halting the natural process which the mind is going through every day.

    The experiment I did today gave me the opportunity not to halt the natural processes of falling asleep, but to flow with it. To fall asleep a little slower and to have tiny dots of consciousness I said to myself that I must not fall asleep completely because I need to attend to other task, additionally I grab my index finger on right hand with my left hand to feel some pressure awareness and I totally let go to the sleep urge, while just observing what is happening.

    I start to see different colors, shapes, sceneries(while not focus my vision on anything particular that was happening),
    suddenly I was in a book store, the book titles were perfectly readable, my vision got closer to books names then suddenly everything go far far away, I was falling through some colorful holes(i totally lost the sensation of my physical body), saw a human face, the image became grey like from x-ray and then transparent, I see his brain, something was pulling me inside his mind, I felt many different feelings while I was holding tightly to my tiny amount of consciousness, something pull me even deeper, I saw an infinity field of minds which were connected through strings made from emotions, thoughts, ideas and other stuff I don't understand, a giant network of consciousness, it was pulling me even deeper and harder and I saw stuff I totally can't describe, in that moment a voice from far away echoed, I couldn't understand it at first, but after a while finally reached me, I heard my best friend voice: "If you go any deeper I won't be able to catch you, listen to my voice and catch it, I will pull you out", I attached my dot of consciousness to his voice and felt a strong pulling out sensation and a second later I wake up. I felt deeply relaxed.

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    Actually this sounds similar to what accidentally happened to me when I tried to do Vipassana meditation to get to sleep. If you want to do it on purpose, then I recommend Vipassana, based on my only one experience. The moment that it happened I think I was thinking about how the body is only temporary, including feeling my arms etc, but I was just watching and waiting to go to sleep not expecting something to happen.

    I put a separate post about it here asking for advice how to sleep like normal now because I didn't like it happening unexpectedly.
    The only difference is I saw a vortex and then popped into a void, but you saw colours and shapes instead, so maybe different.

    I found another thread here which seems kind of similar too, but he did it when he was already in a dream.

    I'm curious if there's a name for this observe-going-to-sleep technique so I could look up more about it.

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    I've been doing some research and wonder if it isn't similar to "phasing" as described on this other forum

    The most concise description was in this thread

    > "For those unfamiliar with phasing, it simply involves closing the eyes and observing the inner blackness. Gradually shapes and colours may appear, and we simply notice them. As we become fixated on these inner visions, so our physical awareness recedes into the background and our non-physical awareness becomes our foreground.

    The appeal of this for me is that there are no other techniques involved. No climbing ropes, no trying to visualise ourselves floating above the body, no visualising walking round the various rooms in our house. There is simply noticing whatever presents itself to our inner vision."

    And some interesting links from those forums:

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    Re: Did someone tried a more natural approach to AP/OBE?

    This has nothing to do with Phasing or Noticing Exercise. Noticing exercise is meant to passively observe the light show happening behind your closed eyes while observing your body falling asleep. My way is following the natural process of falling asleep while holding onto very little tactile awareness and not observing anything. It's ideally best done when taking a Nap and the body is naturally prepared for Projection.

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