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Thread: Strange feeling of tension when inducing trance

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    Strange feeling of tension when inducing trance


    I practice the Smoke Ringe Technique (Falling Scenario) in order to induce a trance, and often I start to feel a kind of tension in my body after 20-30 seconds.
    I do not cramp, but try to be as relaxed as possible (furthermore I strictly follow the guideline and start with deep physical relaxation etc.).

    That feeling of tension is not really enjoyable - its simply a weird tension, a little bit distracting, and always appearing in my upper body (especially neck & shoulders), and also slightly present in the rest of my body.
    I have tried various things from there on: I just ignored it and continued with the falling scenario, I tried to pull it into my third eye, I tried to increase the tension / let it expand, I immediately started with exit techniques.
    Nothing changed, though, the tension always is, and it doesnt get stronger or weaker.

    I try to understand what this tension is and thus how to proceed - do you have any insights or suggestions for me?
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