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Thread: Hello My Name Is John

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    Re: Hello My Name Is John

    Oh it was pretty crazy, but to put it very simply, I had boughten the course and book of Roberts Psychic Self Defense and I read that book and watched the course like 3 times and studied it very well. I also asked Robert questions through email the whole time through the process of purging myself, which lasted about 5 years at this point.

    I was doing a lot of reversing all day everyday, also image removals and also removing thoughts, getting into deep relaxation and finding spots in my energy body that are being messed with.. it worked but it got to a point to where it became very tedious. The negs started to make me feel like not doing the self defense anymore, it was like I was at a point to where I just needed to sleep for a very long time.

    but, then I was recommended black magic. I never wanted to go down that path, but the thing is, I was stopping my self because of the old mindset that I had about demons, you know, like “demons are bad” and this and that, but when I finally built up enough courage and understood that there are good demons aswell, I decided to give it a shot.. and man I wish I got into black magic a little sooner because the combination of Robert methods+ using blood is very very powerful, and now I sleep like a baby.

    I started making my own methods utilizing black magic with blood and it has been working amazingly. ( I only use my blood by the way, I don’t like the idea of sacrificing animals, although it would be more powerful, I wouldn’t want to kill something against its will)

    I would love to explain the techniques I use in more details, I’m sure that a lot people can benefit from this information who need more juice in there arsenal but, this should be more than enough info if someone is interested in being happy going down this path. I would rather wait untill I successfully created my passive income money stream to be self sufficient, then I can really help people by having the ultimate result, which right now to most people is money.
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    Re: Hello My Name Is John

    The thing is that we live in the matrix. While many people have similar situations and issues, they come to different conclusions - each having other information about fundamental things, i.e. about the structure and key things about the reality.

    They do have different opinions because of it is not easy to go "beyond" anything that is known, it is like you were living in the virual reality all your life and just encountered something that is not just "weird" and not fitting to everything you knew before - it is also very unpleasant.

    Here I mean specifically the conclusions drawn from the negs encounters.

    What I can see about negs, people tend to believe that these meetings, their lives, the other people, beings (non-physical) they met and so on - in a word everything what happens in their lives - is a coincidence. IMO they are not at all coincidences - they happen not because negs "coincidentally" stumbled upon you in the "astral darkness" but because they chosen you long time ago.

    There are a lot of unnecessery (but not intended in most) mystery about things related to negs, posessions, exorcisms and stuff like that. In fact, exactly the same thing is with black magic or magic in general. These disciplines are not understood even by people who call themselves exorcists, mages etc. And it is understood why magic and magical stuff (in wide sense of this word) are not understood: the knowledge on it has been lost, and most of what has survived is superstition and believes - as opposed to understanding.

    People who are interested in magic, tarot etc. are typically those who want to just use it. Similar situation is with negs: people want to just get rid of them, just like with magic being involved into it. No research mindset in incorporated but only pseudo-scientific stuff assumed (no offense), often referring to A. Crowley works and his surrounding

    By taking a different approach to negs, by researching, one can unexpectedly get a lot of material about the nature of the reality and how things really are on the Earth and beyond it - if the proper questions are diligently asked and attempts to answer them are conducted, without trying to make assumptions (typically scienftific or esoteric) about them but keeping the mind open. Again, I think that Robert A. Monroe's approach to the unkown phenomena is a good example: open, researching mind vs. looking for known references. In the sense, Monroe was a way much better scientist than most of formal scientists.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Hello My Name Is John

    A lot of the stuff has definitely been lost over time, we are all having to go through personal experience most of the time, but you know what, if it is working, then it is definitely working. At this point I believe Robert has the most logical conclusions regarding all these things compared to all the magicians Ive every talked to.

    Hopefully one day science will care enough to further understood these things.

    Also, I will definitely check out Robert A. M later on sometime.

    Isn?t it weird how all these recommended scientists always start with the name Robert? Haha

    Its crazy, lately I have been checking out radionics, I believe at this moment I am hacking the ?matrix? as we speak.
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