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Thread: Shadow Inner Domain Journal

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    Shadow Inner Domain Journal

    As the journal system don't work anymore but I don't want to create hundreds threads on topic, I will create just this one, only for some of my note worthy dreams which can include Astral beings, which come to play or teach me. Some entries can include future knowledge at the bottom of the post. I welcome all kind of feedback.

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    The Man in Control

    It began like False Awakening, but something was fishy and realize that I was dreaming. I have gone to the living room and to my surprise there was an unknown man. He was sitting on a table and eating something. I asked him who he was and what was he doing in my dream. He didn't say anything and continued to eat. With louder voice I asked the same thing, but he just says the food was very good and I must sit down and try it. I asked what was his role in this dream, but he looked at me with upsets face and snapped his fingers. We teleported on some empty street in the middle of nothing and he say since I had not left him alone he didn't had a choice. He snapped with his fingers again and ten people had appeared from everywhere and started running towards me. I say to myself "hell no" and wake up forcefully.
    I didn't know an astral being can have such a control over my inner space. It was very bizarre.

    P.s. As my knowledge progress in time, now I know that dreams(inner world/domain) are connected to Astral Plane and anybody can jump back and forth between them, as myself visited many people and beings domains, also teleported to astral places.

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    The Guardians

    I was in my old schoolyard, immediately I recognize it was a dream. On the fence there was a pig, chicken and frog that were selling burgers (it was funny look). I felt some weird energy in one of them. I came close to them and say to the big chicken - "There is something strange in you, what are you?". He looked at me with a penetrating look and say - "We are the Guardians (He tells about themselves in the plural). We protect the stray beings from you, lucid dreamer's. We have many forms and can change our voice!" I thought about it for a Second and asked him straight - "Are you have access to all people lucid dreams? Is everything connected?" Their faces looked so scared from my questions. The guardian gave me fierce look and started to make some handseals. Everything starting to go black and I was literally kicked from the dream.
    It seems I asked the right questions.

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    The Man with the Light

    Fours years ago I had a profound experience.

    I wake up in the living room and immediately gained awarness.(I live in apartment). My home looked exactly like its physical counterpart, except that everything around me was darkish. The lamps doesn't glow enough and the walls were covered in some dark substance like tentacles(or veins), they were like alive, they had a heartbeat(pulsating). I went in the corridor, everything was covered in that stuff, the lamps were flickering. I thought to get out from the front door, but behind the door there was a strange noise, so I looked through the spyhole. On the other side of the door there was a black fat monster with big mouth and many teeths, which from time to time was burping with sulphur smell. So I went to my room, the walls were covered also, I thought that I can fly out of windows,but they were covered also, from what I saw through them all the city were covered in that sh*t. The sun was there, but was a full sun eclipse. In that moment the entire floor started to cover with dark spiders and snakes stuff. I jump on top of my bed. I thought that I can't escape from that, so I just sit on the bed, the dark things were crawling towards me in that moment the lamps gone all dark.

    Suddenly a person appeared on the bed beside me, he was carrying a little flashlight. He looked at me and said "What are you doing, why are you so afraid, everything in here is an illusion. Everything here is part of yourself, look carefully now". He close his eyes and the next moment his little flashlight lit like a big projector. I asked him how did you do it. He said "You must concentrate, use your inner light", "Ok I will give it a try". I closed my eyes and focused on the light, the next moment the room exploded in very bright light, all blackness started to burn and disappeared. Outside was a bright day, all the darkness was gone "See you can do it, if you just try and remember this is your inner world, your will is everything". I turned towards him and said "perhaps, you are ...", but before I finish that sentence, he smiled and vanish into the light. In that moment the dream fall apart and I woke up in my bed.

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    Re: Shadow Inner Domain Journal

    One more from my Journal, a Neg was playing with me in False Awakening of madness.

    Over dozen false awakening during a power nap, leading to a spiral of madness. First person narrative.

    I'm starting my usual power nap, but my eye is getting itchy, I scratch it, but it is uncomfortable, so I stand up and look myself in the mirror, my eye is red and swollen, an allergic reaction but why, I cannot breath and I'm calling my wife, she is here and she have the shot, but why her arms are very long, honey what is happening, you are scarring me, "eVeryThing is fiNe dEar", she is suffocating me with her snake like arms,"yOu wiLl be fine dEar". This is not real, I must wake up.... I am in my bed again, ahh what a dream, honey those FA are damn scary, do you hear me honey, she standing in the middle of the room, what is wrong honey - I touch her shoulder, she turn and her eyes are black, I feel a sharp pain, she is holding a knife, blood is dripping from it. Why honey, why do you stab me, "tO maKe yOu feEl betTer DeaR", she continues to stab me, five, six, seven, pain too much pain, this is not real, must wake up. I'm in my bed again, ♥♥♥♥ I hate chain of FA's, I jump from bed, but there is not floor, I'm falling and falling and hit the bottom ohhh sharp pain, I'm in my bed again, I must end this chain so I make RC's, it seems I'm awake and everything is normal, I am going to wash my face, but my reflection look distorted, a little girl reach her hands across the mirror and start suffocating me, I can't breathe, so painful, she is too strong, I die.... Wake up on a bench outside at the bus station, maybe I fall asleep without noticing, a car pass in front of me, then behind me, what is happening here, I'm seeing the next car, it doesn't have a rear end, only two fronts, this is not real, I'm dreaming surely....a sharp pain, I'm on the ground, a car run over me, wait stop I yelled, but another car hit me, I wake up in my bed, my wife was over me, "dEar, aRe yOu wAnt thiS to End", I shake my head, "TheN pleAse DiE", she started to strangle me. I wake up in my bed again, only to see a giant spider on top of me, he bite me to dead. I wake up in my bed again while screaming 'stop already', a little girl was sitting on my bed "bUt wE juSt bEgin to haVe fUn", while drawing a chainsaw from thin air.......aaaAaaaAa...I wake up for real. WTF was that, I'm not even married, it's like something infested my dream.

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    Seduction time, somewhere in the buffer zone between inner world's

    I tried the VILD and found myself in an abandoned room. I got out of her and turned to the left along the corridor and found myself in a basement (I hate the dark narrow spaces, perhaps because of my claustrophobia). I went back as I repeated to myself it was just an illusion. I went to a elevator, but as always he did not work properly. The floors were in the following order: 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3, the door opened and I found myself in a huge room. There were two girls in the room, I headed to the closest.

    It was a beautiful girl with long blond hair. I asked her what she represent in this dream, she said to me quite directly: I'm a virgin!
    I'll call you Daisy then, have you got a phone or a tablet with Internet (I immediately switched to the task I had). She handed me her phone and asked me what I needed it for. I replied that I just want to check something on the internet. The other girl had a long black hair and both of them had a huge rack! I went into the google and started looking for what I care, but obviously my focus was not enough. Only half of the letters I wrote were coming out. So I tried to focus more strongly and with each try I was approaching the goal. But the girls did not like it somehow, so they tried to distract me.(I wonder if they were succubus)

    Lili(black hair) -We're both virgins come on, don't be shy!

    me: I am focusing here, so leave me alone.

    Daisy - whispered in my ear, let's make some sexy stuff.

    me: (fast heart beating) focusing, focusing.

    Lili - mhm you are boring....

    me: I know.... focusing.

    Daisy: grabbed my butt!

    me: whaaat......!

    Lili: Lets have some fun (she strip all her clothes in one move)

    me: Oppaiiiiii....! (had a huge nosebleed attack and woke up)

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    An entity make me Lucid

    Five years ago I have a strange experience.

    I was trying a WILD, but I could not fall asleep, or at least I thought so. So I opened my eyes, beside my bed was my best friend(dream momories), sitting on a chair. I didn't found this strange, he spoke to me:
    'It seems you didn't succeed this time, why do not you try the method we read yesterday.'
    I tried to remember, but I couldn't and looked at him with a blank face
    'The one, that you visualize the room with your eyes closed, it's like seeing through your eyelids'
    I suddenly got memory of us reading about new method for inducing LD. I said OK and closed my eyes, relax and tried to visualize my room while pretending I had no eyelids. After a couple of minutes I saw my room through my eyelids and just jump inside the imagery. I did a RC and became lucid.
    I opened my window and flew outside over my town. After the dream collapsed, I understood that I was in FA and the method we read about was a false memory. Maybe that DC was wanting to make me lucid.
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