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Thread: My take on channeling

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    My take on channeling

    Everyone must be experienced at least once a Voices while falling asleep, most of the time it is just like a radio talk, sometimes somebody can just scream your name. Some are calling this hypnagogia the onset of a dream, but sometimes I think it can be something else, frankly I got fascinated by it, so I began my own experiments on that field. Through a lot of failures, I finally reached a certain state, where I can make a conscious conversation with someone on the other end, yeah it can be creepy sometimes, even can make you feel ill, but also fascinated things can occur. When I'm trying I always relax deeply with closed eyes, but not trying to fall asleep. I begin with series of questions to channel up myself with everything or everyone out there who is listening. The questions are simple like "Is there anybody around", "who is there", "can we talk", "Do you hear me" and others, while I'm expecting somebody to say something. It will not work everytime, but when it work, it happen in similar order: first I'm hearing a static sound, then maybe a buzzing, after that a weak voice like it is faraway, when I reach this phase I start asking "Who are you", "Please tell me your name", "Please talk to me", "I'm here to talk with you". After sometime the miracle happen, here I'm going to tell about two of those conversations.

    1)After sometime I got through

    What is your name? - *My name is Harper*. How are you feeling Harper? - *I feel very bad*. Why, what happen? - *My mom is dead*. I'm sorry, how it happen? - *I... I think I killed her, but it was an accident.* OK... where are you now? - *buzzing sound* I'm losing you, stay with me. Where are you now? - *I have no idea, it is dark*. Ok what happened? - *It was night and my mom was driving me home from school, we get into fight and then I saw bright lights.* Are you hurt? - *I can't feel anything, how can you hear me, are you an Angel? Somebody is coming...* Who is coming? - she screams and I lost connection.

    2) I hear a male voice.

    Who are you? Tell me your name? - *I'm .... (scratching sound)* Where are you now? - *Nowhere... Everywhere..*. What you want? - *I want you to die, Die dIe DiE* Sorry I can't do that. I broke the connection.

    The third deserve its own thread.

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    Re: My take on channeling

    I have had this experience in the liminal state. I did find communicating to be difficult and it took me a long time (like a month) to 'speak' (as in, direct thought) to the voice without snapping out of trance. A friend of mine told me that's how you train to be a medium.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: My take on channeling

    Then we both may* have something in common

    P.s.*I just read on another thread, that you actually don't believe in channeling.
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    Re: My take on channeling

    Quote Originally Posted by Sh@dow View Post
    Then we both may have something in common
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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