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Thread: OBE through channeling (part 2)

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    OBE through channeling (part 2)

    Like every time I start with the channeling up questions and after several minutes I got somebody on the Line.

    Hello what is your name? - *I'm.... hissing sound*; Sorry I can't hear you, repeat it again. - *I... hissing sound... if you can't heard it, I can show you... grab my hand....*

    I reached out my imagined arm and at that moment I felt the same sensation as the rope technique - a strong pulling sensation and the next thing I was falling.

    I fell on a ground "*pfff sand in my mouth, what just happen*" I got up and look around, I was in a desert, it was night, but there was a bright shiny moon and a lot of stars. I grabbed some sand in my hand, the sand was reddish in color. I look up from where I fell, there were seven golden rings that were spinning and floating in the midair, while forming a portal. I walked a bit forward to the top of the closest sand dune when I saw a giant pyramid on my left far, far away. I had never seen one in live, it was marvelous. In front of me something was shining in the distance. I walked at least a half a mile on the dunes and thinking how hard is to walk on sand, when suddenly I got breathless from the sight in front of me, a large Temple almost buried in the sand. It was made from pure gold that was shining from the moon and covered all over with hieroglyphs, I was just standing and I was totally blinded from the sight. I walked closer to the temple only to realize how enormous that structure was. There was sandy path with beast statues from both sides. Just in front of the entrance was placed a giant statue made also from gold, it was more than ten meters in height. It had a body of a man, but with a head of a bird, it was holding a large scepter and on top of his head was placed a large ring, his eyes was shining reddish, like made up from rubies. He looked as if he was looking at me, my expression was like "*did you rang*". I felt like my body was pulling me back, before I return to my body I decided to take a souvenir, I grabbed the nearest golden cup from the ground and gripped it tight. I got back in my body and of course, the cup was gone, but for another minute I had the feeling that it was still in my hand. I wonder what was that all about? If I was on earth why the sand was red?

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    Re: OBE through channeling (part 2)

    This doesn't surprise me. Trance is the platform for both channeling and astral projection. Sometimes you get kicked out, sometimes you 'stay' and watch the show.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: OBE through channeling (part 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    This doesn't surprise me. Trance is the platform for both channeling and astral projection. Sometimes you get kicked out, sometimes you 'stay' and watch the show.
    If you say so

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