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Thread: I tried WILD, but projected instead

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    I tried WILD, but projected instead

    This was from 5 years ago, I thought having a LD, but it seems I got into another world.

    I tried WILD and went through a vortex, on other side there was a room.

    I was in an unknown apartment. There were two windows in the room through which a big city was visible, I decided to go out through the door and down the stairs. I found myself on a lively street with many cars moving in both directions and pedestrians walking with pets. I immediately remembered the task I had and ran to the first pharmacy I had seen. I went inside and started looking for a cure for my chronic illness(strange that was able to read even the little letters and they didn't change if I look back and forth), but I did not find what I was looking for. Then the woman who worked there asked me what I was looking for. I explained my condition, and she told me that even if I find what I was looking for would be very difficult to transfer it from this world to mine.(what, how she knew I'm not local, was there something on my face)
    I looked at her strangely, and I wondered if she already knew I was lucid.(I always tried to cover the fact I'm lucid, because sometimes bad things happen) She tell me to look for someone who knew more than her. I got out of there and started walking down the road when I saw a more strange-looking building around twelve floors and went inside. There was a wide lobby with many doors and stairs. Most doors were marked with "?" and people were waiting outside in line. I tried to enter one of the doors, but each time someone was shouting at me to go in the line. I could not resist and shouted.

    me: I am lucid and I do not have much time at this space, you DC are all only in my way!(and the cat go out of the bag)

    Everyone turned and looked at me with shocked expression, someone shouted.

    dc1: He called us Dream characters, what an insult.
    dc2: How can he insult us this way.
    me: Calm down folks, I did not mean to offend you.
    dc3: He is a Lucid Dreamer!
    dc4: Let's make him pay!!!
    Dc5: Let's beat him to pulp!!
    me: Let us be reasonable and understand each other as normal people.
    dcX: Get him!

    They started to hit me from all directions. While I was defending, I tried to calm them once more, but without result. There were at least thirty. I was angry and cried out to them: bring it on. At this point I started to use the maximum of my current abilities. It turned into a horrible battle scene. I began to break their arms and legs with all the martial techniques I could think of. Then suddenly I felt a piercing and sharp pain on my left and I saw that someone had struck me with a knife. When I looked in that direction to see who he was, I saw his twisted face with distorted smile and wicked eyes. I grab and broke his arm, leaving him in immense pain, then I pulled the knife out of myself and a lot of blood splatter on the ground.(wait a minute my other ld's didn't have blood and pain before) I was tired and wounded, my vision was clouding, my senses were getting dull. I thought to myself I didn't come here to start a War, so I just close my eyes and wished to go back in my body. I felt a clicking sensation and I woke up, the pain was still lingering for next few minutes.

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    Re: I tried WILD, but projected instead
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: I tried WILD, but projected instead

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