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Thread: Astral Traveling Technology

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    Astral Traveling Technology

    Hi Everyone!

    Does anyone have a database for astral technology?

    My aggressors are mostly human ghosts, alien created half-human half machines, and other astral entities.

    But there's also other assisted astral traveling technology involved, as well as black magic, satanic ritual, and witchcraft.

    This is mostly done by a satanic sect of white supremacists.

    I've been studying this for a while. Former witch turned Christian, Beth Eckert's page from has been useful.

    I would like to understand the electromagnetic fields and leylines better, as well as assisted astral traveling technology.

    ".What has now been proved was once only imagined." - William Blake

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    Re: Astral Traveling Technology


    There is only one astral projection technology I know of. I have also been practicing black magic, rituals, etc. for awhile now and I have learned some very interesting things that I'm sure you will probably be interested in. I'm not sure if you are experienced in black magic, but in case you aren't, I would like to share some things.

    The magic that most of these people do, who practice black magic and dark stuff are assisted by very powerful “demons”.. But! The problem that most black magicians have is that they are not so mechanically inclined in the fundamentals of energy work and manipulating there energy body like people here that have studied Robert Bruces method.

    So what I am saying here is that Robert Bruce's methods on psychic self defense do absolutely work! But.. If you have a black magician who is cursing by using powerful entities to hurt you then.. It can be a very hard and tedious thing to fight against. These types of “demons” are very smart and will not get sucked into Earth grounding bed sheets or fall for grounded water tactics. Although if you only keep on using Roberts methods you will get very strong by the time the curse ends, but you will most likely suffer some pain.

    There are also machines that can be used to attack you as well, such as radionics boxes. Those are whole topic to talk about. I would recommend to be highly skilled in psychic self defense and manifestation first using your own energy body before using these kinds of devices.

    To protect yourself against black magic in an almost painless way, I would highly recommend to find a powerful entity and make friends with it. ( be willing to offer blood, such as your own)
    You could also check out radionics boxes. They are very useful devices that you can utilize to protect yourself all day and night while you take care of your business throughout the day.
    You can continue to use Robert Bruce's psychic self defense techniques and train your energy body even further and become stronger to the point where you can take on these kinds of attacks yourself in the long run, it can be difficult doing it this way, but be careful and vigilant with the symptoms.

    The radionics boxes can also help you with Astral projection to make them easier if that is your intention. This technology is what you are most likely looking for in order to assist with your astral projections.

    Also if you have made friends with a powerful entity, you can than craft the sigil of the entity and offer blood to help assist you astral projections. ( that could be considered a device)

    You will probably have to practice using these things, and they could be quite dangerous if not understanding how to use properly. I would I highly recommend making sure you are experienced in psychic self defense first before learning how to utilize these things.
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