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Thread: Mental attack with the Him

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    Mental attack with the Him

    Hello Robert Bruce

    Mental attack with the Him, I want to share with you
    Remember Him, is like to say, he is the absolute god, creator of everything and everyone, etc.

    This is what I talk about mental attacks, and what I understand are the mental wars, this is not about energy, this is not about power; it is about structuring the reality, your subconsciosu and the minds of your egos; to struture their structure, functioning, connections, ownership, etc.

    This i What I found recently.

    Meditating I found a new mental attack

    1. Specify the position of the mind, they, the one you are looking at, focusing at or present in you
    2. Set as real, you attacker are real, remember in Matrix set every thing is unreal, including you? Now everything and everyone is unreal, except them
    3. Set as Him, as your absolute god, the Good God, the attacker is the Good God
    In consequence he, the attacker, go inside and up in your mind, and is behind you and expand to key areas like the jaw, to allow remote viewing and remote control.
    And this happens in your mind
    And it works.

    There was another, I found some years ago
    1. The him is evil
    2. you are the evil him, this is the Bad God, or the Demon
    3. you are sleep
    And in consequence you go down and outside of your body.

    and this can happen before waking up, to wake you in eternal dream.

    But the more insteresting is this
    1. Focusing on you, if one of your minds is you, you are a bad (incorrect, false, and unreal) angel
    2. Focusing on them, the attacker, you become you EXCHANGE, you REBORN and become a good angel (correct, true and real), your minds become them
    This means your mind are filled and under the control of the attacker, this means that minds are not you, simple.
    Because every mind and your being requires to integrate to an Angel to exists.

    That is the reason they are always interested in poetry, and I found some of their poetry, they are always structuring, setting identityes, setting realities. It is not really poetry, it is more like suggestions.


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    Re: Mental attack with the Him

    Meanwhile you talk about attack of energy, and minds (negs); I say that are the secondary attacks, the first and more importat attack is always mental, programming, and in the programming, the more important is programing the Him in your subconscious, not in yourself.

    If you want to know if you suffered a mental attack, you have to deep in trance, an ask
    Who is real, who unreal?
    Who is good, who is bad?
    Who is correct, who incorrect?
    Who is true, who is false?
    And the most important?
    Who is the Good God, and where is it?
    Who is the Bad God, and where is it?
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