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Thread: International Academy Of Consciousness- Nancy Trivellato

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    International Academy Of Consciousness- Nancy Trivellato


    Have any of you heard of Nancy Trivellato of International Academy Of Consciousness? I've heard about several years ago and just recently got back to her after a facebook posting of a lecture on Astral Projection and Energy Work? She also has an amazing Youtube Channel with many Videos on Astral Projecting, Energy work and chackra work. I have found next to Robert Bruce to be a legitimate Astral Projector Experiencer and Teacher with amazing results from her students and practices.
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    Re: International Academy Of Consciousness- Nancy Trivellato

    I actually am a member of IAC but never read their newsletters. I get busy and scatterbrained and both are not a good combo.
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    Re: International Academy Of Consciousness- Nancy Trivellato

    I've read Luis Minero's book 'Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience: A Practical Manual for Exploration and Personal Evolution'. He is or was one of the educational directors of the IAC and also talks a lot about this organisation. The book is very recommendable.
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