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Thread: Astral Projection or Lucid Dream

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    Astral Projection or Lucid Dream

    Hey Robert,

    I was listening to the interview with cosmic echo this morning like 4 hours ago while laying in bed. I'm not sure if I had an astral projection or if it was a lucid dream, but I believe I had a astral projection.

    I had just woken up inside my dream, or astral projection, the first thing I did was test to turn on the light switch and the light wasn't turning on, I felt very in control of everything, however there was a few things that were differently placed in my room such as my desk and computer and there was a mess of open chips bags around my computer area, like someone was there eating chips.

    The next thing I did was try and go through the wall, but there was a hard energetic barrier, definitely some magnetic resistance feeling to it.

    Well, I woke back up in my physical body and the interview was still playing, at the part where you talk about there is training that will be activated such as a test and well, I definitely got tested and it was a weird one.
    I went back to sleep ( still unsure if it was a conscious dream or astral projection), but my test was, one of my little cousin of 8 years old came to the door and knocked so I opened it and all of a sudden my uncle (cousins dad) was coming over to bring me food which was McDonald's milkshake and burger, well, as my uncle was getting closer approaching the door where my little cousin was, all of a sudden he grabbed him hard by the back of his hair and was forcefully pulling him back to the house really in his face the whole time.. I felt some hatred forming all of a sudden towards him, but shortly after he was done taking him inside the house my uncle came back to my door real nice and handed me the food and all of a sudden I felt very conflicted inside.

    I hated what he just did but I also appreciated the food, I was just very conflicted and manipulated right there. Well, I started drinking the milk shake, and after a couple of sips I all of a sudden snapped out of it and opened the door, went outside and I started gagging out the toxic negative energy that I was real close to accepting.

    I was attempting to confront my uncle, still scared but courageous, and all of a sudden my uncle turned to me, and then he shape shifted into an image of me, like I was literally looking at myself, And then I realized holy crap!, I must be being tested, and for some reason I started to feel really good inside once I saw myself, I felt loving and accepting towards my self, I really appreciated the test. I actually loved this simulation, however I know I could have done much better, but I believe I passed but barely.

    I'm still unsure if this was an astral projection. Could you tell me what you think about this? I believe it was a projection, it's definitely been a while

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    Re: Astral Projection or Lucid Dream

    Yes, this sounds like a real time astral projection.

    Tests like this happen quite often, when you are having projections like this. More can be expected.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Astral Projection or Lucid Dream

    I appreciate you Robert.

    Thank you!

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