Hi My Friends,

It's been a long time since I've written. I have bee soo busy with appts and stuff for several months--every day.
Needles to sy, I haven't been able to project because my ming cannot settle down--and that bothers me a lot; since, I was able to project quite easily.

Things are calming dowm little by little.

Anyway here is a weird thing that happen to me 2 days ago: I have a cat that needs insulin injections 2wice a day. At his evening injection, I tried to fill his syringe, but, it was too dark to see the graduations on the syringe. So I said to myself, but out loud, I have to turn on the light to see the graduations.

At the moment I finished saying that, I heard a sliding noise. I looked behind me and the lights went on===!!! What happened was that a broom was leaning against the wall. It fell, sliding, its handle against the wall. As it slid the handle hit the light switch and turned the light on !!!!!! How do you explain that!, at the exact second i sai I need to turn on the light, that happened?

Well, that's what happened--coincidence--I think not.

See ya Gang.