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  1. Opposite Experience

    Hello, I recently had an experience after doing some energy raising exercises where I spontaneously astral projected. So far so good. But I projected to some astral energy entity that instead of taking my power, gave me more. So much more that the most horrible headaches immediately developed and I had to do some serious grounding to get back to normal. It seems this entity was trying to hurt me by overloading my system. Does anyone have any ideas or experiences on what or who would do this? Thanks!

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    The energy coming into the body after such exercises affects the eletric routes within the nervous system, so affecting body through energy is definitely possible. What did you do exactly?

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    I astral projected to an energy being. The being stepped out of some kind of force field. It's energy felt neutral to me and exceedingly strong; perhaps some elemental power but I don't know. I've been APing off and on for 40 years and have never encountered anything quite like this.
    My energy overload came from the being, not from what I myself had raised. I'm not sure if the being was intentionally trying to hurt me or just gave me extra which ended up being too much.

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