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Thread: If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

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    If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

    My motivation of posting is low and you pretty much got it covered in the other thread, but I want to share one of my experiments with you all, that produced a extraordinary experience. As I always do a lot of Experiments and try to create my own techniques, I'm experiencing a lot of strange development's, but this One shocked me completely. The technique is a type of self-hypnosis or trance inducing and it is rather simple to execute. In opposite of normal meditation, one must actually be really tired to do it. It can be done when you falling asleep or when starting a nap. The technique consist only of two steps: when you are ready to sleep with closed eyes focus on the blackness of your eyes for 3-5 second's, then switch and focus on hearing for 3-5 second's, then repeat and don't count in your mind. Do this for a five minutes give or take and don't think of what is gonna happen, just do it and make an internal intention that you are gonna open your eyes at the end of the technique. You can experience all kinds of symptoms, like voices or flickering lights or vibrations, you also can combine this with a exit technique if you can feel the exact moment. Now when I try this sometimes I get an OBE or when I open my eyes I know I did this ~5 minutes but an entire hour is missing(i always keep my phone next to me and check the clock at the beginning and after that), a true mystery and this is what happens most of the time, but this One time I decided to change the steps a little and I really got a shocking result.
    I only changed the first two minutes, instead of doing the entire thing with closed eyes, for the first two minutes you are doing it with open eyes and gradually close the eyes for the next 3 minutes. At first you will start to experience bigger tiredness and may also experience some hallucinations, visual or auditory(voices, wall cracking, distant wall scratching) but don't fret it. Something very bizarre can happen or notting at all, you always can try again, because it's very simple. So this One time when I changed my schedule the follow happened:
    I was really tired and was preparing for a nap( I'm always trying my OBE or nap's on the sofa on second floor of the house), I did it two minutes with open eyes and the 3 minutes with closed eyes and then I opened my eyes and become really confused, I was on my bed on the first floor, my first thoughts were that maybe I'm having a false awakening and tried some Reality Checks but I wasn't dreaming, I was actually awake. I looked at the clock and surprisingly 3 hours were missing, but I know I only do it for 5 minutes. How I got on my bed on the first floor through several doors, stairs and some obstacles on the way was a complete mystery to me, I also were wearing different set of clothes. How I did all of this with closed eyes, did I teleported there??? or what!? Also found some dirt on my shoes in the morning, did I get on a walk? I really wonder what happened during those 3 hours?
    So if you want to try your luck, you really need to try this!
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    Re: If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

    That is intriguing. I will try this maybe in combination with a wake-back-to-bed method at night because you also say it is good to be tired and that's the best point in time for me. Thanks for posting.
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    Re: If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

    If something strange happens, please share your story

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    Re: If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

    This remembers to myself, the "Triangle Method" coined by a forist named Birm. Is very similar and is bases on perceptions from brow chakra and relates sensorial aural functions of energy body.

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    Re: If you want to have a supernatural experience, you can try this!

    Triangle Method was topic subject here:

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