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Thread: Moved: Backlash after using countermeasures?

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    Moved: Backlash after using countermeasures?

    I was wondering if this was a normal thing or not? I started using some of the countermeasures in your book. It seems to be gradually reducing some problems during the daytime. But I am also having even worse nightmares. The worst of my life (and I have had PSTD nightmares for a long, long time.) The dreams include deceased relatives of mine, and some occult-like symbolism as well as a lot of horrific violence content.

    Is this a sign that I am doing something wrong, or to avoid particular countermeasures? Or is this par-for-the-course when dealing with major Negs? Should I adapt what I am doing, or continue and push through? My intuition is that it's a fear/discouragement tactic from the Neg to coerce me into stopping the countermeasures because it realizes they are working, but I am not completely sure?

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    Re: Backlash after using countermeasures?

    It's par for the course when you deal with some types of negs. Some negs begin with something fairly innocuous, and if ignored, will go away to find someone else that's easier to get a reaction from. But if you react, fear, and start fighting back, some will revel in your reaction (it's not the countermeasure, it's your thinking process when you engage, your emotional investment in the process) and ramp up the attacks. I feel that from my own experience, once you commit to fighting back you have to set aside fear and empower yourself to fight, and commit to the fight until the neg goes away, which they do. But if you're fearful, and invest your mental and emotional being in the situation, you might as well get help from someone you believe in.
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