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Thread: mind demon voices and exorcism

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    mind demon voices and exorcism

    because voices maybe a mind demons that's there weakness.

    You can do do a self exorcism on yourself or get exorcised by Christians
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    Re: mind demon voices and exorcism

    There is no such thing as exorcism in reality. We are cheated that this sort of old magic works and is a weapon against evil spirits, but it's not true, it has no effect at all.

    The thing is that the reality works in a different way. In the same way we are also cheated that there is something like posession. The fact is, as ancient sources indicate, there are "ghosts" or "energies" (or whatever label you prefer) living within the human's body - of all living people. Sometimes the non-physical entities ruling the Earth use these energies to simulate a possession. They also simulate (pretend) that our lives are real, and that excorcisms are real, or magic is real, but this is only a "theatre".

    First off, the question that should be asked before considering any excorcisms and demons is that: why we are so unaware of the non-physical environment around us, why our memory is erased and contolled, why our perception is managed and restriced, and is this really possible that with so strictly managed reincarnational system on the Earth that a person because of a "coincidence" might be possibly possessed? Or not, i.e. every single event in our lives is planned upfront?

    IMHO if to thoroughly sum up all the facts that we know about living on the Earth, it's illogical to state that posession is possible in other way than planned - and since it is planned before the birth, it's actually not a possesion, but we are only cheated (we observe a spectacle from the first person) that it's real. The entities ruling the Earth from the hide are able to control human minds (including memory ereasing) as well as human bodies (controlling physiology of your body).

    Believing in excorcisms as such is now obsolete and dates back to first religions. However please don't get me wrong: the interpretation of the phenomena (posession, and excorcisms, and their sources) is false, but the attack, including of course thoughts, voices and other methods to aggressively infuence one's mind, are real.
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