Here is another interesting one:

I was in a home that was part of some small settlement. There were people walking through the rooms about their own business. I was looking through the rooms, noticing their layout. I walked by the front door and a tall male with his hair in a man bun knocks on the front door and asks me to let him in. I look him up and down through the front window and decide to let him in. He has a white kangaroo the size of a small child and instructs me to hold the kangaroo to my chest. I do - its ungainly and heavy. It occurs to me that this is like an attachment. He then says something about I should go explore the other building further behind and upslope from the house I'm in in order to find what I'm looking for. I look outside in the direction of these buildings and see a troop of dancing ladies in some sort of traditional costumes with wide flaring skirts making their way down the hillside. With the dancers are peacocks displaying their tails. Another man enters the room and says to Mr man-bun 'I already have the key here" and he lifts a key on a chain he wears around his neck to show it to us.

End of dream.

A kangaroo comes up for me in stichomancy occasionally and I have had dreams with peacocks popping into my view before - interesting animal symbols. Anyone here aligned with kangaroos and peacocks?