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    DRAGONS: A dragon is a demon of innocence, believing that all of hell is proper so you better be loving, and they're not always loving - but they are always proper!
    FAERIES: A faery is a demon of judgement, believing that all of hell is wise so you better be wise, and they're not always wise - but they are always judging something!
    ELEMENTALS: An elemental is a demon is wisdom, believing that all of hell is innocent so you better be innocent, and they're not always innocent - but they are always wise!
    ELVES: The elves are the demons of luck, believing that all of hell is working so you better be working, and they're not always working - but they are always lucky!
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    Lore is Magic Proven


    An illuminated magician must obey the cause of divinity, to be free.
    - i want
    - be here now

    What you cause is what you suffer; what you respect is what you deserve.
    - i
    - i am

    The decision you face is the decision to be permanent; everybody else is happy with life.
    - i am alone
    - my god willing

    The wonderous beings are there to prove facts; staying the same is staying in love.
    - love is good and kind
    - name is sound

    The illuminated magician has been free to conceive of God.
    - the laws of conflict: forgiveness is alone, although
    - the rules of war: strength is about final

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    Re: Lore

    Ignorance is the virtue that most people despise - proves love or hate in the world.

    1. absolute ignorance - repugnance: it can be done the thing alone
    2. ultimate ignorance - somnolence: it can be said the thing wiser
    3. heavenly ignorance - listlessness: it can be wrought, the truth


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    Re: Lore

    Grace is the choice to be patient with evil. If you want.
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