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Thread: Magick by Aliester Crowley

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    Magick by Aliester Crowley

    I was at a Borders a few days ago and came across a huge book. its called Magick and is written by Aliester Crowley. Unfortunately i didn't have enough time to thoroughly look through the book. so i was wondering if anyone here has read through the whole book? if so, what's the book exactly about? does it teach you about rituals and spells, things of that nature? does it also speak about religion? the book has 844 pages and costs about $80! i'm just wondering if it's worth it.

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    Re: Magick by Aliester Crowley

    I have the book, though I've not read the whole thing. It is basically a treatise on magick, covering both theory and practice. It also includes Crowley's Book of the Law.

    The wikipedia page on the book provides a good summary of what you can expect to find in it:

    You can read most of the book online here:

    And if you want to buy it, you can get it for around $60 on

    It is a must if you are a Crowley fan. It is certainly a useful resource for those interested in magick, though there are other, I'd say better, books on the subject. I'd personally recommend Franz Bardon.

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