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Thread: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

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    Re: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

    chia gives several different versions. the one i've given is the simplest one from 'awaken healing energy of the tao'. it might not be the most effective though.

    in some of his other books he gives routines where he instructs the practitioner to pause the circulation at several points (like bubbling springs in the feet) to draw in earth energy, and at the crown to draw in heavenly energy.

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    Re: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

    It might be worth mentioning, but i've read that one should not do the Macro until one has open their Micro....

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    Re: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

    Once you've excelled in NEW it's quite easy to afford the MCO. I ascend the energy with my breath intake, and descend it with the outtake. No stops. Nowadays I'm experiencing with variations, trying, for example, the energy generated in the testes instead of the earthly one. So far I have not experienced any major difference between them.

    Shifting to the macro is also easy if you are accustomed to reiki.

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    Along the pathway formed by the the two jingluo ren mai and du mai, there are 9 important centers, with a significant role in this practice.But the first step in nei dan is collecting qi using different exercises, and cultivate this qi into xia dan tian, for the purpose of forming the dan , or the cinabre.In xia dan tian there can be stored an" infinite" quantity of qi ore energy, collected from differents parts of the universe.The dan or cinabre is in the form of a ball as big as a ping pong ball.It has different qualities, and the best quality dan radiates a red light around.OK, now, this ball of concentrated qi is visualised in the lower dan tian and after that it moves down and stops for a little while in hui yin, than in wei lu, ming men(gate of life), da zhui, yu zhen,
    bai hui, shang dantian,it goes down into the mouth(the tip of the tongue touches the palate at the base of the teeth), and goes down in a swallowing movment into zhong dantian, and again into xia dantian.This is a complete orbit, and one can practice it 10 minutes to one hour ore more.Once you finished, you ball of qi rests again in the lower dantian.The energie centers along the path must not be confused with acupoints, despite the fact that some of them have the same names.These are energie centers inside the bodie.
    The goal of of this practice is to unite the two chanells into a circuit.Moving the dan through this circuit is a process of refining the qi, and also opening the energie centers along it.
    If you want to practice and have real results, don t forget the three steps: -collect qi
    -cultivate qi in your lower dan tian
    -circulete qi to refine it

  5. Re: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

    The Great Heavenly Circuit functions on the same principle as the small one.What y mean is that the energie from the dantian is circulated in the entire body along certain pathway.This pathway is not a link of meridians, ordinary ore extraordinary, and yes it includes the legs, arms,and head.Because it is an advanced qigong practice, it is reaveald directly from a real master, with the promise of not divulging it.That s why you ll never find it in a correct manner in any written article or book.
    I personally never found a correct explanation on internet or in any book y' ve read.I am sorry but y am not allowed to reaveal the pathway of the grand circulation.All i can tell is that the qi no longer circulates along the meridians, but through the entire skin and much more.There are some exercises though, wich can open up the great heavenly circuit: zhuan zhuang, sword fingers zhuang, body breathing, and beating qigong.Also, in the practice are involved the 5 hearts( the 2 lao gong, the 2 yong quan and the bai hui).You can know if the practice does have any effect, if the area around yong quan becomes warmer and warmer as you advance.

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    Re: Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle

    Thank you for sharing that. Could you please post a diagram or describe the location of the structures you have named?
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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