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Thread: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    The next issue to consider is the whereabouts of the location you visited. The mind often represents nonphysical locations as alien planets. In fact, the words plane and planet were often used interchangeably by consciousness explorers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This led to some apparently embarrassing accounts of fully developed air-breathing civilizations on Venus, Mars, and Jupiter--which current science indicates are uninhabitable by human beings (at least on the physical plane). Yet these locations may have reality on some nonphysical plane.
    Well there wasn't any really dead giveaways like that. The place I went to seemed to be some sort of jungle full of strange plant life that didn't look like the plants here, I didn't see any animals or aliens though. It was twilight out, wherever this was, but I could make out that these didn't look like regular plants. Though if your talking about things in my mind I have been authoring a comic book about a man who accidently travels to an alien jungle and encounters all sorts of trouble there, though the planet from my experience and the one in my comic book didn't really resemble each other. In the past the nonphysical places I've gone to have all been distorted versions of places that I've either been to or seen in the physical which is one reason why I thought this might be something different.

    Anyway I'm not sure if this will help shed light on what may have happened here, but shortly before this I had tried projecting to where my friend was, and I believe this attempt had successfully landed me inside of one of his dreams, as the next day when I called him he described some of the stuff I saw there. Do you think that had any relation to the remote viewing experience?

    EDIT: Now that I think of it, I remembered something else that might be important, I thought the body I was feeling my presence in while my vision was elsewhere was my physical since it was in bed but this might not be the case. I seem to remember moving this body around in bed while I was looking around, had I done this in my physical I prbably would have woken up unless I was in some weird state I'm unfamiliar with, so maybe the body I sensed was my astral? It could be since often times it feels very simialar to my physical body.

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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    As you write that comic book, maybe your subconscious gave you some more inspiration in that way. The jungle could have been also a memory from a past life shown to you via a lucid dream.
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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    Hi defectron--

    More information is always helpful. I've had a couple experiences similar to the one you describe. In one I went to bed, closed my eyes--and was instantly floating over a golden city, three-dimensional, vibrantly colorful, in early morning sunlight. The architectural detail was very rich. I could move around within the city. My viewpoint was at the second or third floor level, no buildings were higher than that. The city seemed to be Indian or Middle Eastern and ancient rather than futuristic. It seemed newly built. But I never saw any inhabitants.

    On another occasion, I had just finished listening to a long story someone had told me and closed my eyes for a moment, preparing to respond. Instantly, I was in a richly detailed scene. I saw a sandy coastline with tropical trees. The water was shallow and very blue. Not far from the shore an old-fashioned three-masted schooner was moored. The sails were mostly furled. Some were flapping in a gentle breeze and the ship rocked in low waves. Once again, I didn't see anyone about. My viewpoint was from over the water, maybe twenty feet up and a hundred feet away and didn't move. The scene had nothing to do with the story I'd just been told,l though the person I was talking to had a small ocean-going sailboat. It lasted for several minutes.

    I don't know what to make of these experiences. The first one was clearly a WILD (wake-induced lucid dream). I doubt I was visiting a place on the physical plane because of the absence of people. The second was very similar in terms of detail and vibrancy. Maybe it was a daydream version of a WILD--though I've never experienced other daydreams of that degree of reality and length.

    I don't know whether the third experience is related. This one was a noire thriller type chase dream. I wasn't particularly lucid, although the dream was very detailed and the plot line intricate. The unusual thing about it was that it was entirely in anime style. It was as if I were in a Miyazaki style animated film, though the plot and scenery didn't resemble any of his films I'd seen.

    I'm inclined to think these are mental plane experiences (which would mean I was in my mental or causal body). The first two could have involved past-life memories, in which case I would have been in my causal body, since that's the body that provides easiest and clearest access to the Akashic records. But the absence of people makes me suspicious of calling these experiences past-life memories.

    It could be that your comic book drawing project of a jungle took you to a location on the mental plane from which to draw inspiration. I'm playing on Alienor's suggestion of subconscious participation, but adding in the component of travel to the mental plane, since that often seems to the source of so-called subconscious inspiration. Beyond that I couldn't say precisely what these experiences could be or could mean. Only further exploration--and possibly the assistance and explanation of a Guide--might pin them down. The question' is now on my radar screen. I'll let you know if any answers show up.


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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness


    I think the only places I was ever able to visit from waking consciousness might indeed have been on the mental plane. It was in the early stages and so many senses were missing, that's why I also estimate these to have happened in the mental body. There was a definite sensation similar to phasing - tuning out the body consciousness and tuning into this different sensory experience, while at some point maintaining both.

    Kurt, didn't you estimate Monroe's later books describe his explorations in the mental body and beyond? That's also when he came up with phasing, it seems. From reading Moen and his experience with the Monroe Institute I would assume also that his experiences would involve developing the mental body, and he also later on accessed his experiences from waking consciousness. Maybe because the mental body is so closely associated with our waking consciousness?


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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    The jungle could have been also a memory from a past life shown to you via a lucid dream.
    If this is the case then that might mean that maybe I wasn't human in my past life. Though that would actually kind of make sense given that I tend to think differently then most people.

    Beyond that I couldn't say precisely what these experiences could be or could mean. Only further exploration--and possibly the assistance and explanation of a Guide--might pin them down.
    Yeah that is a question I plan to ask the next time I see my guide, because whatever ability allowed whatever this is to happen, I'd like to know how to use it again.

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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    I have had some success with Remote viewing. I definently did not feel like I left my body. It felt like I was just daydreaming. I imagined myself walking out my front door and I saw a realestate sign in my yard, but when I did go outside later it was actually in the neighbors' yard a few feet away! And I had never seen it before!
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    Re: Kurt Leland's 10 levels of dream awareness

    hey kurt, if your around I saw something in a projection today which reminds me of something you described in otherwhere regarding the cleaning of souls.


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