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Thread: Problems entering the trance state

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    Problems entering the trance state

    hey its me again lol im havin a problem getting into the trance state...i just cant do it a pretty much just lay there i mean im doing the visualizations and im totally relaxed but i feel no symptoms and im still totally aware of my physical body.can some one please help me? and how long does it take to reach a trance state?

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    I would like to inject here an opinion about this, because I see a lot of people who take stock in losing sight of their body as a sign of trance, and then when they don't, they get uptight and it causes them to stress out and it becomes the thing that stops them from getting deep enough. If you are waiting to 'lose body awareness' as a sign of trance, you are adding body awareness to this expectation it can become a self-defeating practice. Why not expect another signpost as a sign of trance, like dreamlike scenarios or vision screen? (I don't mean fleeting hypnagogics, I mean the kind that you see when you're already asleep and dreaming.)
    I say that because I have had more than a few occasions where I was in a complete astral scenario, yet had complete body awareness. So I was in deep deep trance and yet knew where all my parts were and how they felt. And it was a big surprise when I got up and found myself floating.
    So, don't make 'lack of body awareness' a surefire sign of trance, because it is not always.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    I experience it as an indifference to my body when I feel like I'm in a deep trance. Some of Bruce's other signposts are pretty go as well. Its difficult to move your body or at all, a different perception of time, as well as the feeling that the room gets much much bigger is a biggy. (oo, I made a pun, bad dum ching!)

    I usualy feel very fat and swollen also, which goes along with the whole paralysis bit, where your whole body feels like you foot or arm does when you accidentaly put your limb to sleep by pinching a nerve or cutting circulation.

    It is quite unmistakable. Just relax, and very importantly, clear your mind of those pesky todo list and what if ideas. I've found its alright to concentrate on energy work while your body falls into trance. Atleast, thats how I usualy do it. Mantras work as well. Anything to numb your mind of daily, keep you awake, tasks and let your brainstem and spine go into sleep mode.

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