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Thread: "Weekly Reiju Free Offering" (I got this in my e-m

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    "Weekly Reiju Free Offering" (I got this in my e-m

    Quote Originally Posted by
    FREE Weekly Reiju Empowerments from Pamela Jordan
    Free Reiju Empowerments are offered to all Reiki people throughout
    the world on Tuesdays. In the original Japanese form of Reiki,
    students would have received empowerments on a regular weekly basis
    to help strengthen the flow of energy and increase their intuition
    and sensitivity to Reiki.
    Every week Pam performs a distant Reiju empowerment with the
    intention that it will be received by any Reiki person who wishes
    to `tune in' to the `broadcast'. You can receive the empowerment at
    any time on a Tuesday, no matter what time zone you live in. Please
    spread the word to all your Reiki friends!
    To receive the empowerment you need to do the following:
    If you are already familiar with Hatsu Rei Ho, then follow the
    sequence as normal. After performing Seishin Toitsu for a few
    minutes, remain with your hands in Gassho and say to yourself: "I
    will receive my empowerment from Pamela Jordan now."
    If you don't know about Hatsu Rei Ho, just sit comfortably in a chair
    with your eyes closed and hands held in the prayer position in front
    of your chest. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself and then
    say: "I will receive my empowerment from Pamela Jordan now."
    Afterwards, we'd love to hear about your experiences!

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    Thanks Tom.

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    Tuesday sounds like a good day for it.


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    Nice - Something to look forward to on Tuesdays.

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    do these long distance attunements really do anything or is it placebo? what are your experiences

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    If your not able to send energy more than ten feet in any direction than you should really start practicing.

    No, seriously - of course it works.

    Edit: Let me expand; Reiki is a rather passive energy if tuning into this you'll want to make sure your on the right frequency and be rather open and watch for the energy. Although if someone is sending aggressivley with alot of energy it can feel really nice. Also it will depend on how much energy your capable of recieving and how well you can feel subtle energies in the first place. This applies to hands on Reiki too, but you get the idea.

    First and formost - be open, if you tell yourself that its bs and really believe that it will stop or fracture the energy. See Robert Bruces "Catch Basket". Your beliefs can ruin an energy session if you don't set intent or stay open.

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    Re: "Weekly Reiju Free Offering" (I got this in my e-m

    I've found distant attunements to work really well, though I've never had a local attunement so I can't compare the two. I might sign up for the reiju, though I've never felt like doing reiki recently. I have a lot of heart problems and I just don't feel comfortable opening myself up to the energy.

    Anyway, I've you're interested in getting all three attunements all the way to Master within 48 hours then I highly recommend this website.

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