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Thread: Very interesting dream that I must share !

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    Very interesting dream that I must share !

    I had this lucid dream or obe? Well, I was in this supermarket at the cash register with 3 men but I wasn't buying anything.I knew only one of the men.I've been dreaming about him for more than a year.Suddenly, this huge dark grey snake appeared in front of me.It did not look threatening to me and I was not afraid but it struck at me suddenly and I pulled my arms up to protect myself.It bit me on the inside of my left wrist.I had a knife and immediately I wanted to cut its head off but I couldn't.I then stabbed it over and over and over until it died.It's belly was white and it had ridges and it was wide.There was no blood or anything but I looked at the 2 puncture marks on the inside of my wrist and they hurt.We went outside and it was a warm, sunny day.We started walking and then one of the men,the one I knew had a water bottle and we all splashed water on our ankles and then I woke up.Does anyone have any thought about this dream.Somehow,I think that it's very significant because I still think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niki123
    I had this lucid dream or obe?
    A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming.
    An OBE is an experience in which you separate your body and 'go' somewhere, or 'inwards'.
    Why do you think that this is significant, besides the fact that you have had past dream experiences with this other person?
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    I've found that all dreaming takes place in another dimension, sometimes inside our body, sometimes outside, sometimes in the past, present, future. 'Normal' people mostly only dream in the space of thier brain, and what they dream about is only the shallowest stuff inside thier body (things they obsess about, stuff that happened during the day). Once someone becomes more enlightened to the truth, we begin to dream outside our dimensional field in various levels and depths, or deeper inside our own dimensional field (wich also contain places). So, just because you arent lucid, or that you know you are in OBE state in a dream, doesnt really matter. You may travel to other time/spaces in a normal dream, because you know truth, on top of that, you will meet actual beings seperate from yourself, that can be inside or outside of your dimensional field. This is my perspective anyways.

    DM- "Ankles -To dream about your ankles, indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life."
    "Water-If you are splashed by water, then it represents your need to be revitalized and more expressive."

    Maybe.. you poured water on your ankles to counteract the snake bite, wich I think would have harmed you somehow. I've never dreamed about snakes, or being bitten by one (dragon closest thing), so I cant really say anything. There is a lot on snakes in DM; they can be deceptive people in your life.

    I always try to find things in dreams that are actionable.. that help somehow. If this really is an important dream, I think it should have some wisdom that can help you.

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