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Thread: questions about expelling extra energy

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    questions about expelling extra energy

    I've noticed lately that I'll do energy work, and start getting this hyper feeling. I enjoy it, so instead of grounding out extra energy, when I'm done, I just get up and go about my day. When I do this I notice that later I feel slightly spacey from all the energy. However, at that point grounding does not get rid of the spaciness; it's like some slight damage has been done. At that point, my only option is to let it pass on its own, which it usually does in about 12-24 hours. So after having this happen quite a few times, I've decided to get better about grounding out extra energy, LOL. This is what I do:

    Ground some energy into the earth through my feet if I am able to communicate with the earth to get her permission. If not, then I stimulate my hands, and state mentally that I will be sending excess energy out my hands, and that any entity which is of the light or working towards the light is free to make use of this energy once it has left my system. Then I sponge energy down arms and out of fingers and palms and into nowhere in particular.

    I had a question though: does my mentally stating who/what can use the energy actually prevent it from being utilized by negs and other unsavory characters, or is that just wishful thinking? If it is not effective, is there any way that I can just send energy out and make sure it's only used in a positive way besides specifically directing the energy to a person or entity who I know will use it well? (I know a few people who would be amenable to me sending them the extra energy, but they don't live near me so I'd have to do it without physical contact, something I doubt I am advanced enough to do yet, as I haven't even really tried sending energy to someone when in close proximity.)

    Also, do I need to ask permission from earth's atmosphere to do this? I know the earth has a consciousness and should be asked before I ground, does the atmosphere?

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    I think specifying positivity works, but I'm sure some won't agree.
    As for the atmosphere, I think just offering it out into the universe for good is just as well.
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    If you like - when you have too much energy yuo can run the Micro and Macro cosmic orbits. That will store energy for you, and distribute it where it is needed much quicker.

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    I simply expel extra energy via the feet, that's good enough for me...

    I would only run energy from energy raising through the orbits, because you are taking in good energy for that. If you do blockage work, like sponging or Etheric Wrap or dissolving, everything that cleans something up, I'd rather do a neutralisation on the energz first, store in the sub-navel and ground the excess below the feet.

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    Thanks for yall's replies I will start sending my energy out to the universe instead of to the atmosphere. Not sure why I didn't think of that. I can't wait til I can start doing the macro and micro cosmic orbits, but at present, due to having a sensitive system, I'm avoiding stimulating my main chakras and the areas near them much until my secondary system is very well-developed and worked-through.

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