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Thread: Varying sensations to be expected in Energy Work

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    Re: Varying sensations to be expected in Energy Work

    Thank you all soooo much for the thread, it was very useful. Almost every post here was informative (except thank you posts like mine) and i found everything i needed to know here. Wonderful thread, wonderful posts, can lead to more wonderfulness, in my life.
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    Be in peace and love in all lives.
    Be safe in all ways.
    Be well and cheerful at all times.
    Be helpful and compassionate to all others.
    This is the best wish that I can wish for myself and you.
    Live well and have fun!
    With my love and blessings,

    I hereby choose to evolve myself to something better than what I am now and help others do just that. For a better Humanity, and a better Universe!

    Positivity ROCKS!!!

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