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Thread: A Focus 10 Tutorial

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    A Focus 10 Tutorial

    I found this when searching for information on phasing:

    http://www.explorations-in-consciousnes ... cus10.html

    It can be helpful for people who want to know what Focus 10 feels like, when they should go beyond it, and so on.

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: A Focus 10 Tutorial

    I'm reading your link once again, but I'm afraid I didn't thank you the first time I came across it

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    Re: A Focus 10 Tutorial

    Thanks for the info!
    I've been working on developing in focus 10 for some time now. I tend to be a little jittery so am having some trouble keeping still without wanting to itch my face or move my shoulders. I'm excited to move to different focus levels so would like to deepen in this work first. Thanks again. I'll be sure to post when improvements are made...
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    Re: A Focus 10 Tutorial

    Ganjeshakar, if the itch continues to be a problem, try some body moisturiser.
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    Re: A Focus 10 Tutorial

    Just wanted to point out both links don't work (for me, at least).
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    Re: A Focus 10 Tutorial

    Fred has both articles in his website, but the tutorial is still in TMI website, under the AP heading. If I can find it I'll link it too.

    I don't know where his 'overview of focus levels' went to. I believe it's in the aethers since his website seems to be down and not part of the EIC forum.
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