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Thread: Strobing effect, colors?

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    Re: Strobing effect, colors?

    Quote Originally Posted by estlin1212 View Post

    Hi newfreedom, thanks for posting your observations. Keep checking it out from time to time and see if you ever get any different colors or patterns or if it responds to anything in particular.

    i checked on it around teatime, after our dog walk.

    This time the colours were cream / pale yellow, still dancing chi, but it could be seen as flames [like from a fire] & then also surface water ripples [as one might see if they were below the water surface, looking upwards from underneath it]

    It was almost dark in our home, & my music was playing on my Mp.3 player, but i did not have my earphones in, they were draped around my neck.

    ....good investigations, thank you.....
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    Re: Strobing effect, colors?

    It also happens to me from time to time, sometimes as a precursor to an OBE, and sometimes as just a side effect of meditation. I think this is one of the types of 'vision' that can happen when you meditate to trance, or, a side effect of trance. Not one that 'has' to happen, just does, whenever the conditions are right.
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