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Thread: Something about Focus levels

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    Re: Something about Focus levels

    Well, I guess it's part of the magic of the TMI. You come into an environment, basically with the mindstate of a vacation, relaxed, the place is nice, has a good energy, and then they optimise everything around the experience. That's what probably does the trick for everyone.

    Gateway Voyage and Gateway Experience are two different birds, I'd think.


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    Re: Something about Focus levels

    I see this thread is still going. I'm not here often but have been a forum member for a few years.

    I attended Gateway at TMI in 1997. I did have an OBE while there, but it occurred during the night while the sleep tape was playing. I didn't even know it was an OBE until the next morning when I was discussing the oddness of what happened, with the trainer. I needed to go to the bathroom and found myself in the hall outside my room, but couldn't remember opening the door, which was closed. Since the door made a lot of squeaky noise when it opened, I was even more confused. I was looking at the bathroom, and then the next thing that happened was I was lying in bed. I think after that I did get up and go to the bathroom. I told the trainer about it the next morning because it didn't really make any sense. He is the one who suggested that I had been OBE, and at that point I realized it must have been true, because it was the only explanation that made any sense. So I was OBE and had no idea I was OBE, because the experience was completely "normal" except for not being able to figure out how I changed locations.

    I had the Gateway tapes for quite a while before I went to TMI; being there was very different from listening to tapes. I think there are two reasons for that; one is that at home, you are surrounded by the usual distractions of your daily life, and you have to go to the grocery, answer the phone, etc, at a minimum; at TMI, there is nothing you have to do other than eat, shower, sleep, and listen to tapes. You are immersed in the experience and form a group mind with other people also immersed in the experience. I recommend it to anyone who can afford it. No, not everyone has an OBE but there were several in my group who did. Mine was not an on-purpose OBE but yet it occurred. There is a wide range of experiences in each group; in ours we had one guy who left mid-week after he realized that the HS tapes were designed to help him change his brainwaves. He really freaked out over that! And we had one guy whose experiences were so off the scale he was almost speechless. It's common for people to feel that they need to go home and completely change the structure of their lives, and part of the exit lecture is to wait a month before taking that kind of action.

    Hope the info helps.

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