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Thread: Eating the Right Food to stop feeding negs

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    Eating the Right Food to stop feeding negs

    Yep, I overheard it. Negs said they can't eat fruit because they only eat junk food. They told me it was f***ing yum type of fruit that I ate but they said they couldn't eat it. They don't actually eat the food physically. They program the mashed food in the stomach to taste like they want to taste. This actually makes them stronger. But if you hate feeding negs here is how to do it. Why do some many bad people hate eating fruit and vegetables. You might of got it. It's because the negs tell them not to eat it. Same goes with menthol smokes. This is some good info. If you have problems with negs attaching to food. So please remember. This is how to stop them from getting in. Eating fruit and vegetables is the best way to reduce feeding hood in a negs life in your body. If you find a way to bless your meat that can't actually eat it. This info is not really a big deal and won't make negs really strong to eat food but it may if your lucky reduce their strength. If their food a holics. Slicing raw garlic and swoalling like tablets stops negs from enjoying junk food that you eat. They call it in their terms food poisoning. Please note to not overdo garlic. Because it can make you really weak and sick. A quarter of a full raw clove of garlic should be your maximum consumption per day. Don't overdo it. And you'll be sweat. But remember if your going to eat garlic lumps negs may go hostile. So it's running it and your own risk. If you don't like eating garlic consuming it. I have actually punished negs for their behavior sometimes by coating my food with chunky mustard seed spread. Mustard seed is used for fumigation but it can also be eaten to punish negs. I eat allot of chilli and negs hate it. I really like raw chili sandwiches because of the taste but it does get them angry. Chili to is also used in fumigation. I've eaten cinnamon boiled in milk with sugar but this didn’t have any effect on them what so ever.

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    Re: Eating the Right Food to stop feeding negs

    Ever notice how when you eat hot chili peppers and garlic that your body's perspiration for the next 24 or so hours smells like it too?
    Thats a real good one- it's like a repellent-Par fume
    Also, taking some Gas Aiding pills-enzymes will help your body Digesting Raw-Garlic So you won't develop post-garlic- consumed Flatulence. But burping- I'm not sure how to cure it, I think it actually helps to burp fresh garlic- and Blow it around yourself. Awwwwwwww yeah!!
    "It's not what you're doing, It's how you're doing It."

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    Re: Eating the Right Food to stop feeding negs

    I also agree highly on eating alot of Fruits and Vegetables- to Stop the Negs-
    You Feel Great when You've been Eating these kinds of foods- They Cleanse your body, mind and Spirit. Antioxidants, proper hydration, and cleared intestines does wonders for your spirit!! It up-lifts you and makes it easier to Get off the Ground. You also gain more energy and become more positive and Charismatic. In other words, bye bye neggie. Vegetables are Negalicious!
    Fruits are Negcellent!
    "It's not what you're doing, It's how you're doing It."

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