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Thread: Big toe energy awarness

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    Big toe energy awarness

    Hi all. I've started to read New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce. As english isn't my mother language I have some difficulty localizing the right points. On chapter "toe exercise", Robert refers to a energy center on the second joint of the big toe. Does he mean the side of the feet that meets the ground (interior part of the feet) or another one that faces upwards. I'm confused a little bit. I will be thankful for a clarification.
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    Re: Big toe energy awarness

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce
    Awareness target the top of the joint of your left big toe where it joins your foot. This is the second joint in from the toenail.
    Top is the side that would face skywards if you stood on your foot. Sit on a chair and let the feet touch the ground. Now touch the point where the left big toe joins the foot - where it is attached. This is the joint and the point Robert is talking about.


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    Re: Big toe energy awarness

    Yes, that's exactly the quotation I was talking about. It's clear now. Thanks Oliver. Cheers. Soc

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