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Thread: does sleeping pills help achieve obe?

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    does sleeping pills help achieve obe?

    if i take say 3 sleeping pills, and then sit down on the sofa (not laying down, too easy to fall asleep), so sleeping pills force the body to relax and calm.. so when i do my usual obe technique, will the pills make it easier by eliminating some tension in my body, and so im guessing it'll be easier to enter trance?

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    Re: does sleeping pills help achieve obe?

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    Astral Dynamics does not recommend any kind of medication or drug to facilitate the oncome of OBE or for obtaining any psychic or spiritual event.


    PS - Robert Bruce wrote about a wealth of techniques to obtain relaxation, trance and OBE *without* using substances of a medical or drug nature. You might want to try that.

    Plus, sleeping pills put you to sleep, which is the opposite of what you want, which is to stay awake (as in mind awake, body asleep.)-CF.
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