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    BeOne's obe journal

    If its all right, I'd like to record my obe's here. Rather than start a new thread every time I have an obe, I can record them here, and we can discuss them if anyone wishes. I guess I should begin at the beginning...

    About 15-18 years ago I first read about OBEs from Robert Monroe and Sylvan Muldoon's experiences. I was fascinated by this and wanted to see if I could also achieve this. No one that I knew would speak to me about it; most people thought that it was impossible, or that it would get me into trouble or something.

    I began by trying Monroe's energy ball technique, where you lay down and imagine an energy ball while near the hypnogogic state. To my utter amazement, it worked on the first try. I was filled with the vibrations and my heart was racing, but I was not able to project. Following this first episode I continued to experience vibrations but could not project for about three-four years. I now understand that this was due to my overexcitement and expectations.

    My first long, successful, sustained obe, Spring 2001:

    I had been doing energy work and meditating. I was laying on the couch in the afternoon, breathing and focusing on my chakras. I must have been laying there for quite a while, and obeing was in my mind, but I knew that I could not try and force it or I would leave the necessary state. Eventually I simply realized that my arms were materializing somewhere near the ceiling. At this point I had dual-consciousness. I was aware that I was laying on the couch, but also I was looking down at my arms as they were appearing, and I was floating somewhere near the ceiling. As the rest of me materialized, I lost awareness of my physical self, but I knew that I (physical) was lying on the couch. I floated gently down to the floor, and without looking at myself for fear of re-entry, ran outside through my front door.

    Now before I get into the adventure, I just want to say that I really learned here that the vibrations are not necessary, and so waiting for them can cause you to believe that you are not in the right stage for OBE, when in fact you are.

    So I ran through my front door. I continued running across the street and through my neighbor's lawn, but already the neighborhood was different. I soon ended up in a large field, looked up in the sky to see millions and millions of stars. Everything was crisp and clear. I strectched my hands up and said "I want to go there." Nothing happened. I ran a bit and jumped up to fly like superman, and landed right on my belly with my arms out in front of me. I could smell the grass. I noticed here that I was actually hovering slightly above the earth, and with my toes I could push myself forward and bounce gently like a baloon.

    Somehow next I was running again, and I was running on a pier/boardwalk which seemed to be built above the water on the edge of a giant lake. On the land-side of the pier were small homes, and this pier construction was not straight but would turn and bend at 90 degree angles, so that as I was running I could run up to a turn and holding onto a pole (which seemed to be at all of the corners) kick out my feet and swing over the water until I was back and running on the pier again. Sometimes as I was running I would stick my head into a house just to pass through it, and I would get a glimpse of people inhabiting these cottages, they looked very human and one woman was even wearing a corset type lingerie outfit (which I later had to ponder for a bit). I just kept on running through this lake-town, it was very beautiful.

    Soon however I was in a barren, beige-colored land that was covered with rubble everywhere. If you have ever seen the film "Babel" with Brad Pitt, then this is exactly what everything looked like. If you have not seen this film, then don't because it is a complete waste of time. Anyway as I was walking by half-destroyed homes and rubble I climbed up onto the roof of a structure. There were two men sitting nearby, and I called to them to watch me as I would stick my hand through the home's walls and roof. Of course to me this was amazing, but these two entities began ridiculing me and laughing at me. I realized that I was the object of their amusement and said angrily "Its not nice to make fun of people!" Then I was transported back into my house, and I was laying on my couch again.

    I got up, walked over to the light switch but my hand passed right through it. This frightened me because I knew that if I turned around I would see myself laying down and since I didn't want to, I ran out of the front door again. This time I was in a very beautiful place that I can best describe as Japanese garden. There was incredible landscaping with plants and flowers everywhere and little waterfalls flowing over flat stones on one end. There were two nicely dressed and very solemn entities standing there staring at me, a man and a woman, and they did not say one word to me. Instead they were just looking at me, and while they did not seem upset they were not really happy either. What I'm trying to say is, no warm fuzzies here. As a matter of fact by the way they were dressed the thought came to my mind that they were deceased, but although I did not know who they were, I had a feeling that they knew me. Since this realization freaked me out a bit I was back in my living room, hovering over my physical self.

    The re-entry is kind of cool, because for some reason I was seeing it happen from above, as though I was now a third self watching my two selves re-align (but thank goodness I didn't think about this until later, who knows what would have happened). Actually I was not aware of having another body, it was more like I was just plain watching this occur. Anyway my astral self floated horizontally over my physical self and aligned itself. My physical self was all chakras and colors everywhere, it was the coolest thing that I have ever seen. It looked just like it does in the pictures, there was energy and colors and radiance flowing everywhere. I couldn't believe it. Well my astral didn't just vanish into the physical, it slowly floated down and then began vibrating and rocking left and right along a center axis which would have gone from my crown down to my feet. As it got closer to the physical color-chakra-show it would rock faster and faster, until it was just a blur and it finally rocked/vibrated itself right back into the physical body.

    This concludes that event, and this was the first of the long AP experiences. Please don't think that because this is my journal thread that any other posts are not welcome. If I post something, then it is for everyone and I am willing to discuss it. I'll probably gain insight on things this way, so feel free to reply if you wish

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    snowman626 Guest

    Re: BeOne's obe journal

    I envy this experience, because I've been trying to sustain mine. for now, I only have obes through spontaneous obes, but I am trying have conciously induced obes. spontaneous ones lasts no more than 20-30 seconds... sucks. I fall asleep, feel vibrations and wake up, pull myself out of body. the whole time I feel my body pulling me back, I have to look at my hands to keep myself out... then eventually I cant hold it any longer and always slip back in.

    man i want adventures, travel thru time, see astral wildlife, see dead people, and create lands and sceneries with my mind, i wanna do all that stuff

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    beone Guest

    Re: BeOne's obe journal

    Energy work for sustaining.

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    beone Guest

    Re: BeOne's obe journal

    This OBE occurred in the winter of 1997. I was on a ski trip with some relatives and we were all sharing a big room, sleeping in different areas. I was passed out on the couch and wanted to try for an obe. I don't remember how I got out, but I remember flying around outside of the condo in large circles, a bit uncontrolled. I lost awareness, because it was all rather fleeting. I regained awareness and was sitting on the couch. There was a strange being sitting on the other end of the couch. This guy looked really wierd because he had a long head, he looked like that one jedi from the new star wars movies, that jedi with the oblong head.

    Anyway he seemed amused and quite peaceful, he was almost smiling and I think that he wanted to converse. It didn't matter because I was really freaked out and started shouting at him to leave because he was not supposed to be there. I just kept telling him to go away.

    Its so silly how fear can get you to just freak out like that, but he caught me a bit off-guard. I didn't even really know that I was having an obe at the time anyway, the whole thing was sort of dreamy (but I know that it was an obe now). Anyway I hope that I was not too rude and that maybe he'll understand (if he is a peaceful well-meaning entity, that is.)

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