may 22 2008 (approx. sometime around 2am)

had lucid dream last night (i think it was luciddream turn obe), and it was very vivid too. I was dreaming normally, when I fell thru a building and landing on a bed, causing me to wake up but I looked around and immediately knew I was still in dreamland. I was in a bedroom, not my real bedroom. it was a small bedroom, with a drawer in front of my bed with a mirror. and the doorway to my right. anyways, I took control, I was rubbing my hands together and looking at the color of my skin, it was light and pinkish, it felt very real at the time. I kept thinking how REAL it felt, very physically real. I opened my bedroom door, I cant get over how physically real it felt at the time,.. anyway I appeared in an asian supermarket type setting

I remembered there was a long corridor in the supermarket, and there was an old guy who I pictured myself as... as in I thought of myself being that guy. I just tried to keep myself in their as long as possible. and it was possibly the longest experience out of body ive had that i remember. I just looked around at everything and kept raising my hand above my head and "raise energy" to my astral body (just inhaled deeply and imagine bolts of energy running into my astral body), not sure if it actually works or not, but it sure got me to stay alert and aware and kept myself from waking up. anyway, I thought I needed to "bring" something back when I wake up. so I thought of a number, and thought I'd say it aloud when I wake up... just to confirm that this was all real. and I still remember the number, sort of... I thought of a 5 digit number, the number was 66272

soon afterwards I "woke up"... or so I thought. but as I slipped out of bed, I immediately suspected that I was still in the astralworld/dreamland... I bit my fingers and LOL didnt feel any pain but I bit off my fingers
I went back to the supermarket again and kept exploring. kept seeing the old guy
anyway I woke up for real after that, and i just mumbled aloud the number 66272,